Aaron (born 1972) was a high school boy whom Erica Farrell met at a school dance. Aaron was portrayed by David Stratton.

Character History

Degrassi Junior High: Season 2

In Sealed With a Kiss, Degrassi Junior High School was having a boys and girls dance with the school St. Mary's. Aaron and his friend apparently sneaked into the dance with being checked what age they were and what school they attended. He and Erica Farrell danced, then they went to a secluded hallway to talk and they began French kissing. They instantly fell in love and became a couple. He at first seemed nice and sweet, he was 16 and it wasn't mentioned what high school he attended, but chances are he went to either Degrassi High School or Borden High School. He came from a rich family, who owned four cars. Whether he meant four cars including his own, or four cars plus his own separate car was not revealed.

Later on, after Erica and Alexa Pappadopolos were researching the disease mononucleosis, Erica believed Aaron had mono and gave it to her after they French kissed. This was because she was sick with a very sore throat and very tired. She was mad because she was worried that thanks to him she might have missed a lot of the school, or would have to repeat the school year for being away so long with the sickness. Aaron later drove over to the Farrells' house to give Erica a ride and take her on an outing. After finding out Erica wasn't up to going out anywhere that day, he decided to give Erica's twin sister, Heather, a ride after he persuaded her when he told her that Erica said she never did anything rash or spontaneous. He began to like her too and put the moves on her. He told her he didn't care that they were different, and he thought they were kind of the same. He kissed her, cheating on Erica, and wanted to go with the both of them instead of committing to one person and having a proper relationship. However, it was revealed he didn't have mono. Erica just had Tonsillitis, which has some symptoms similar to mono, and she just needed to have her tonsils removed. After that they broke up, and Aaron was never seen again.


  • Aaron kissed both of the Farrell twins, Erica and Heather, but only had a relationship with Erica.
  • Aaron was Heather's first kiss.