Aaron was a drug dealer to whom J.T. Yorke sold drugs. He is also an acquaintance of Jay Hogart. He was addicted to oxycodone, and had a violent personality. He was portrayed by Paul Robbins.

Character History

Season 5

In Turned Out (2), J.T. sells stolen pills from the pharmacy to Aaron for $800 with an advancement of $400 for the next delivery of oxycodone. J.T. tries to back out of the next delivery, but Aaron punches him and holds J.T. against a car by his throat, saying he doesn't want his money back but his drugs. Jay urges J.T. to give Aaron the next batch of drugs so that it can all be over. After J.T. steals the drugs, he dumps them on Aaron, who pushes him to the ground, asking if he is out of his mind. Jay stops Aaron from beating J.T. up. Later after Aaron had calmed down, he throws J.T. a beer when Jay announces that J.T. is going to be a father.


  • He is shown to be quite strong since he easily overpowered J.T. twice.
  • He often hung out at The Ravine.