"You've come such a long way for me, it's okay if it takes other people longer to come around. Baby steps. Look, I know it's going to be messy, but we need to try to be together. Or we'll never know. Try with me?"
Adam sets the grounds for his new relationship with Becky.

The relationship between Adam Torres and Becky Baker is most commonly known as Beckdam (Becky/Adam), but is sometimes referred to as Beckam (Becky/Adam) or Adecky (Adam/Becky). It began in the twelfth season of Degrassi.

Relationship History


Becky and Adam originally met in Come As You Are (1), when she attended a party at the Torres house, and stopped him from burning student's uniforms to give to people in need, much to his surprise. They later became rivals in Never Ever (1), when she interfered with his ticket selling for Romeo and Jules, insisting that the play promoted homosexuality. However, she later developed feelings for him in Never Ever (2), and confided in Jenna about her crush. Jenna was surprised, given that Adam is transgender, and that Becky was brought up in a very conservative Christian family. Assuming that Becky knew Adam was trans, she asked how Becky's parents would accept him. When Jenna told Becky that Adam was transgender, Becky was heartbroken. She tried several times to "save" Adam, and told him that he'd be happier if he accepted his female body. Despite Becky's thoughts, she and Adam eventually became friends in Scream (2), when she offered to play Tristan's part in Romeo and Jules due to Tristan's absence. She later on went on stage despite Tristan appearing in the nick of time, and had fun on stage in spite of herself. After the play was over, it was clear that she still was attracted to Adam and that he himself had developed an attraction to her as well.

In Building a Mystery (1), the two commenced their relationship after admitting their feelings for one another. However, it ended in Building a Mystery (2) when Becky's parents sent her to "lesbian rehab" to "fix" her thoughts. This resulting in Becky tearfully breaking up with him. The have gotten back together as of Tonight, Tonight when Becky, after the therapy failed to "cure" her feelings, declares that she doesn't care what her parents have to say this time and that they simply have to learn to accept her feelings for Adam.

They came to a second break up in About A Girl when Becky goes to Florida with her family for the summer and begins spending time with Todd, inciting jealousy in Adam who sees various pictures of the two's time together online. Fearing and suspecting that Becky is being unfaithful, Adam hacks into her FaceRange account and poses as Becky while sending Todd a message to stay away from her. Upon finding out what he did, Becky calls him, hurt that he would think she would cheat - as it is a sin - and is angry that he didn't bother talking to her about how he felt like she did with Imogen. Despite telling Becky that he loves her for the first time, she says there isn't love without trust and hangs up while saying she needed time to think about things, leaving Adam distraught.

In Cannonball, Adam tries to get over her by hooking up with Imogen, but realizes that he still loves Becky despite his break up with her and that his hook up only made him feel worse. He takes off in a van in an attempt to get into contact with her, receiving a message from Becky who says she wants to talk with him. Adam, while driving at the same time, tries to text back that he loves her, but loses focuses and crashes into a tree. His last thoughts as he collides with it being only of his happy times together with her. His crash leads to his eventual death. It is implied that, had Adam lived, he and Becky likely would have reconciled as Becky was hoping to patch things up with him. 

Season 12


Becky scolding Adam during their very first encounter.

In Come As You Are (1), Becky is at the Torres household party, and just as Adam is about to burn a pile of uniforms on a barbeque grill, she scolds him and takes the clothes to donate to charity. She tells him she'll do it on "his behalf" and walks off with the clothes. Adam, clearly stunned and confused, mutters, "What the hell was that?" as he walks off. 

In Never Ever (1), Becky is first seen running her booth for feeding families in need. Adam comes to set up a table. He tells her he booked the foyer for the week and she snaps at him that just because she's the new girl doesn't mean they can push her around. Jenna tells her that he is right and she apologizes. Later, she steals the crowd from the Romeo and Jules booth by singing about starving families while Jenna plays guitar. When Adam asks if she can "tone it down a bit", she tells him no because Eli doesn't deserve any of the money he is making. He asks if she's just doing her booth as a revenge tactic and when she admits it, he calls it low that she's using charity to get back at Eli, leaving Becky to re-think her motives for the booth in the first place. 


The two talking after Becky takes down her booth.

In Never Ever (2), Becky is seen in deep thought at her booth, clearly upset with herself. Jenna walks up and congratulates her on her success for the charity booth. She explains to her what Adam said and Jenna tells her that he's just jealous that she's doing better than he is at his booth. She admits to her that she is, in fact, actually using the booth to get revenge at Eli and that while her motives were originally pure, all she wanted was get back at Eli once he set up his own booth. When Jenna asks what she'll do, Becky decides to take the booth down. Later, she comes back to take down the remainder of her stand. As she does so, it collapses on top of her and Adam comes to help her up. As she gets up, Adam says that's she's got to be curious about the play. Becky admits that she is wondering as to how they'll interpret her favorite scene from the play. Adam guesses it correctly (the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet) making her smile. She asks how he knew that was her favorite scene and he tells her that she "seems like a romantic type". Adam then asks her out; inviting her watch the play with him, leaving her happy and smiling. She later tells Jenna about the incident and about how happy she is to have met him. Jenna asks if her parents would let her date him and Becky tells her that she's allowed to date. Jenna says that he's trans and Becky thinks she means transient and asks if he is homeless. Jenna finally tells her that he is an FTM transgender, leaving her shocked asking Jenna, "So he's a she?" 

In Scream (1), Becky is talking to Jenna in class while Adam comes in, seeing her picket signs. Adam says, "I guess this means we're not going to see the play together?" Becky laughs and says, "Did I not formally cancel?" She tells Jenna after the whole fight she thinks she got through to him. Adam and Jenna both smirk. The teacher then pairs the two together for a project and they both try to protest against the decision. Then Ms. Cohen says, "Like oil and vinegar you may not mix easily, but you'll make a delicious salad dressing." They both smile - unaware of the other doing the same.


Adam challenging Becky's thinking regarding homosexuality and the Bible.

Becky is next seen praying in the washroom for Adam. Later on, Becky confronts Adam as he comes through the classroom door. She mentions that everyone else at the school thinks how she feels is crazy, yet 200 million baptists think otherwise. Adam comments how he also went to church growing up, Becky gets flustered saying, "You did?" Yet, Becky still goes on saying how he can be saved and that homosexuality is unnatural. Adam pulls out a mollusk and says it's 70 million years old. Becky is ecstatic and says, "Wow!" Adam points out that in the Bible it says the world is only 6000 years old. Becky responds that it's a metaphor and she can like science too. Adam then says, "You can look past the Bible for a mollusk, but not two dudes in love?" He also says that because of people like her, he's been bullied physically. Becky says that she would never do anything like that. Adam recalls his past bullying experience along with implying that what she says allows people to think it's okay to bully kids that are gay, transgender or different in any way. He then states that they should work separately and will email her his part of the assignment. Becky looks at the ground, speechless and obviously upset.

Adam talking to Becky and Luke about how much homophobia they've been spreading since they've arrived at Degrassi.

In Scream (2), Becky tries to tell Adam that she has thought things over, but Adam is distracted and asking everyone where Tristan is. Becky tries again to apologize and insist she would never intentionally harm or hurt anyone who is different, but her brother Like gets in the way as she begins to say so. He talks down on the play by saying that Tristan "must have come to his senses" and bailed on the performance. His remark leads Adam to believe both Luke and Becky have something to do with Tristan being missing, calling them out on their open homophobia and says that they likely scared him into not wanting to perform his part. He shoots them both a look before leaving as Becky remains upset. She turns on Luke, demanding to know that he had nothing to do with Tristan's disappearance since the play will be forced to cancel without him as lead. Luke looks at her and asks, "Isn't that what you wanted?" Becky looks at him and says nothing. 

Becky dressed as Jules for the play.

Later on, Becky is outside singing while listening to her music. Her iPhone shows that it's a Romeo & Jules song. She looks at her own reflection and realizes she ought to do something. She then enters the theater and approaches Eli while Adam is also there. She offers herself up for the role of Juliet. Eli says she'd have to play Jules. She is shocked once again saying, "You want me to promote homosexuality?" Adam calls her out saying she "doesn't suit well with tolerance". Becky gives Adam a look before she then declares that she will play the role of Jules, not Juliet, if Tristan doesn't appear.   Adam looks at her, surprised. Eli accepts her offer, telling her to go get ready and he will warm her up through staging and lines. As she goes to do so, Adam gets in front of her, clearly stunned, asking, "Seriously?" Becky states that everyone has worked hard on the play and if she was the cause for the play to suffer on account of something she said or did then she therefore has to make things right as her "Christian Duty". She runs off to get ready, singing, leading Eli to remark, "At least she can sing". Becky is next seen dressed up like a boy in a suit, top hat, and cheesy drawn on mustache. Adam is behind her as she gets ready to enter as Jules. 


Adam and Becky sharing a hug.

Before she can go on with it Tristan appears, having been found and perfectly fine to play the role himself. Becky is somewhat disappointed, but Adam is still proud of her. Adam tells her she can be part of the chorus. While Becky sings in the chorus she cries on the set. She looks at Adam for a sign of comfort and Adam shows her appreciation. When the play is over, Becky leaves the stage towards the back ready to leave until Adam stops her. Adam is surprised to see her leaving so fast, asking if she isn't going to stay for the cast bow. Becky tells Adam that she already lied to her parents about where she was going and that she also needs to pray for forgiveness when she gets home. Seeing Adam's upset expression, she clarifies that she is praying for lying about her whereabouts, not because of the play. Adam tells her how appreciative he is of her actually supporting the play and taking the role of a man. Becky smiles and tells Adam how he made her only dream come true since she came to Degrassi - being a part of the play. They look deeply at each other and clearly have a moment and hug each other sincerely. The look in Becky's eyes shows admiration and Adam's too, Becky hugs him for what seems to be a while and slightly rubs his back. Her face shows confusion to a point as if she was unsure of what to do. Then she walks away, looks back at him one more time smiling and leaves. Adam stares at her retreating figure, appearing confused as well before he joins the others for the cast/crew bow. 

The two talking following the performance of the play.

In Building A Mystery (1), a giddy Becky stumbles into Adam. Becky immediately apologizes and asks him if he's okay. He smirks and says she's like a twig. Becky laughs and tries to build up a conversation stumbling by asking a discombobulated question, "Happy Romeo and Jules is done? Um, not that you should happy...although you could be - because you're entitled to whatever feelings you want." Adam says he has class and Becky follows back by shouting, "Have fun!" She then looks at the ground embarrassed and repeats the phrase "Have fun?" this time in a question.


Becky inviting Adam to join the community service.

Becky and Jenna then talk and she agrees with Becky saying she did sound like a complete moron...because she likes Adam. Becky admits she does like him and hasn't stopped thinking about him since the musical. She then asks, "What am I going to do?" Jenna asks if it's about Adam being an FTM and Becky firmly states that Adam is a boy because she wouldn't have feelings for him if he wasn't. She is concerned because she doesn't think Adam will ask her out again because when he did, she ruined it. Jenna suggests she be the one to ask this time. Becky smiles at the idea and agrees, knowing it's time for "a new start".

Becky meets up with Adam and instead of asking him out - she gets scared and asks him to be part of the "community service" committee. He says he's too busy now that the musical is over. She feels let down...but Adam confirms with Mo Mashkour that he has a lot of band practice. She tells them that the band can perform there and Mo immediately agrees. Becky later brings it up at the meeting and is more excited about announcing the band performing than the donated airline tickets!


Adam and Becky while out convincing people to donate.

Becky soon says sorry to Adam because she feels like she pressured him into participating in the committee. Adam remarks, "You think?" Becky offers that he doesn't have to be apart of the committee, but that his band can still play if they want to. She then adds that she hopes he considers helping out additionally and trails off when she begins to name some people he can work with. Adam says, while smiling, "Like, Jenna?" Becky replies, "Yes and Fiona and Marisol and Luke and..." Adam, more than obviously flirting with her by now, smiles and adds on for her, "And... you?" Becky says only if he wanted to and that she hopes he will since she'd "like to work closely with him". Adam agrees, saying they're helping the school raise money. He walks away as Becky smiles widely to herself. 

Later, they begin to work and can be seen sneaking side glances at each other when convincing people to donate. They end up having a lot of fun together, trying on fedoras together and sunglasses and having lunch together. After Becky gives Adam a hug showing a sign of admiration when they make a sale together, Luke can be seen watching. While Adam goes to the sweaters, Luke comes over and tells Becky, "I think that Adam person likes you." She asks excitedly, "Really? You think so? Because I was hoping, but I wasn't sure." He says that whatever is going on should be ended. Becky defensively demands for him to give her "one good reason". Luke reminds her of what their mom and dad would think of her dating someone like Adam, leaving Becky disappointed.

Becky later looks glum in class. Jenna asks if she found out if Adam likes her - she says she's pretty sure that he does, but that she's worried about her parents reaction should she pursue a relationship with him. Jenna replies that they don't need to know and to simply keep her relationship with Adam a secret. After some hesitance due to having to lie, Becky agrees and texts Adam that they need to meet up.


Becky reveals to Adam how she feels about him.

As soon as they meet in an empty hall way, Becky finally admits that she likes him. Adam then predicts she's going to say "but you’re transgender," and says, "I should have known better than to fall for you." He starts to walk away, but Becky stops him by grabbing his arm and says, "You fell for me?" He replies without hesitance, "The first time I met you." Becky says that she really does like him, but her parents are "traditional" and will never approve. Adam has her clarify that she's not ashamed of him, and Becky confirms she's okay with him being a transgender. Becky then asks Adam to be her "Secret Boyfriend". She says she isn't ashamed of him, but questions her parents judgment and says they'll only try to keep them apart. Adam cuts her off telling her to, "Stop," he then tells her, "Go back to the part where you asked me to be your boyfriend." Becky asks, "Will you?" and Adam agrees. They then have their first kiss in the Degrassi hallways before Becky walks off happily as Adam looks on after her. 

Becky and Adam during her family dinner together.

Later on at home, Becky draws an "A" and "B" with love "written" all over it. Mr. Baker notices and asks who "A" is. Becky slips up, clearly in a daze, and says, "Adam". When he asks if Adam is a boyfriend, Becky tries to lie, but fails. Becky's dad says to invite him for dinner since his rule is that she is only allowed to date if he meets the boy she is interested in first (and approves of him). She calls up Adam, on the verge of freaking out. Adam assures her it'll all work out saying, "I passed when I met you, right? Unless they ask to see my driver's license, they'll have no clue. I promise." But Becky still remains nervous.

When he comes over the dinner is going great, except for the fact that Luke is trying to ruin it. Becky answers the first questions for Adam obviously scared and describes his family as normal and catholic. Becky's father gives Adam a high-five when Adam cools her nerves by asking her to name his favorite movie and says she doesn't know. Luke says that he's "very brave" for dating his sister and keeps making little remarks to throw them off, however, things go smoothly. The two hold hands underneath the table, and the night ends with Becky obviously worried yet still happy it worked during the dinner - so far.

Tumblr mc1u41U6Kq1r5l4zio7 1280

Adam helping Becky practice telling her parents about him being Trans.

In Building A Mystery (2), Becky starts off the episode not acting like her normal perky self as described by Jenna. Jenna tries joking with her and asks, "Have you seen my friend Becky...". Becky responds, "I feel guilty lying to my parents about Adam." Jenna looks disappointed and says, "I thought you were keeping Adam a secret." Becky responds, "I'm terrible at secrets!" She then explains how they invited Adam to dinner. Jenna asks how it went and Becky responds, "They loved him!" But she explains how they now want to meet Adam's parents - meaning they'll find out the truth about him being a FTM. Jenna suggest telling them the truth, believing they'll be okay with Becky dating Adam bringing up how they allowed her to keep in contact with her when she admitted to getting baptized for a boy. 

In the next scene Becky, Adam, and Jenna both practice telling the truth to the Baker parents about Adam. Adam plays Mr. Baker and Jenna plays Mrs. Baker while Becky tries to practice while being convincing. Jenna questions (as Mrs. Baker), "Are you sure he's just not confused?" Becky responds, "God doesn't make mistakes. He made Adam exactly who he's meant to be." Adam responds (as Mr. Baker), "So a girl...?" Becky automatically feels shot down and as if she can't continue. Adam tells her she's doing a great job so far.

Tumblr mc1u41U6Kq1r5l4zio1 1280

Becky telling her parents that Adam is a female-to-male transgender.

So she starts again as the scene focuses on Becky she is confident and explains everything, while the scene then turns and lets us see its not pretend this time, it's real. Becky asks if they hate her now and Mr. Baker responds, "Buttercup, we could never hate you!" Mrs. Baker says, "Honey we love you, and we want you to be the happiest girl in the world." Mr. Baker comes back and says, "I'm proud of you for telling us the truth - that takes courage." Becky is excited and asks if Adam can come over. Her father looks down and a bit upset although Becky is too clouded to notice. He says Adam is allowed to come over.

Later on Adam is over and rejoices with Becky about how her parents have seemingly accepted their relationship together. Becky states, "My parents want me to be happy, you make me happy," and rubs his arm down. They grasp hands when they and sit down. Adam tells Mr. Baker if he had any questions about the whole transgender thing he'd be happy to answer. Mr. Baker says, "That won't be necessary Adam," in a rude tone of voice. He then says that he and Beckys mom will, "[...] support you on your path to healing. I want you to consider reparative therapy (also known as conversion therapy)." Becky's mouth drops and she says, " could you?" with a disgusted look on her face. Adam says, "I'm not gay, sir - I'm a guy." He then says, "let me explain." Mr Baker says, "No - let me explain. We want what's best for our daughter." Adam replies, "And let me guess that's brainwash camp." Mr. Baker aggressively says, "watch it!" Adam grabs his stuff and starts running out as Becky yells, "Adam! I'm sorry!" Adam slams the door as she says to her dad, "I trusted you," and walks away in tears.


Becky with Adam at the Auction.

Becky is later on at the Fundraiser and states to Adam that she locked herself in her room last night and she cried a lot. She tells Adam that she didn't even talk to her parents and that she can't belive they tricked them like that. Becky asks, "what are we gonna do?" Adam responds, "No matter what happens, we'll get through this- together." Becky smiles and says, "together," as they both lean in and kiss. Adam starts walking to get ready to play with his band but Becky spies her parent and pull him back. Adam asks if she wants him to stay. Becky responds, "I'm a big girl- I have to face this."

While Adam plays with Whisper Hug - Becky storms up to her parents and asks, "What are you doing here?" He says he was going to bid on some powertools when they go build houses for the needy. Becky tells them, "If you're here to bring me back to Florida or send me to do that brainwashing stuff, you can turn right around and go home." He says that's not why they're here. She asks, "what you're here to disown me?" She then explains once more that Adam makes her happy. They say that he makes her happy now but in the future they put the idea down. He ask if she wants kids and says that it won't be possible with Adam. She states they'll adopt. Mrs Baker says, "And what about your faith? Are you ready to give up your relationship with God?" She answers, "Never." Mr. Baker says, "Becky, in the eyes of God, Adam is a girl, and you know what the bible says about homosexuality." She yells, "But Adam's a boy!" Mr. Baker counteracts her statement and said, "Adam may dress and act like a boy, but underneath all that armour, she's a girl." Becky gives up and goes to get ready to announce the winner for the silent auction.


Becky breaking up with Adam

Becky is next seen doing the silent auction on stage for the Vegas tickets she was so proud of. Fiona out bids everyone and Becky doesn't even react towards the, high bid... After, Jenna finds her behind the stage crying her eyes out. Jenna is congratulating her and saying how amazing it was that they just made so much money! Becky asks if she's seen Adams bag. Jenna says,"Whoa," she then looks at Becky and says,"those aren't tears of joy - are they?" Becky responds, "I wish everything wasn't so complicated." She says she'll be find and goes in search for Adams bag. She finds it and opens it pulling out the tickets. While she does tampons fall out of the Adams tin case onto the table. (The viewers have a little flashback, where was Clare to say they were hers?) Becky says, "Oh..." Jenna rushes over and asks in a panicked tone, "What's wrong?" Becky looks down and states, "Boys don't get their periods."

It's the next day and Becky slowly walks up to Adam at his locker - while sad and depressing music plays. Adam asks how she is and she breaks the news saying, "Not well...a mess actually. I've decided to accept my parents' help. I'm going to try the therapy." Adam is shocked and says, "What...?" Becky makes it clear and says, "I can't choose you over my family... my faith!" Adam is obviously shows upset and says, "This is crap! you don't need to be fixed! You're perfect." Becky quickly responds, "I'm not. I'm confused... you confused me.." Adam gets angry as Becky continues, "Therapy can work, I have to try. It's for the best." She starts walking away from him and Adam yells for her. She turns away and says, "I'm sorry Adam," crying as Adam slams his locker. For once while walking away from him...she doesn't turn back to look at him.

In Doll Parts (2), Adam hides because he doesn't want Becky to see him with his bloody nose and waits until she leaves to leave the school. 


Becky trying to make amends with Adam following their break up.

In Tonight, Tonight, Adam is seen studying and Becky asks him if she can be his "study buddy". Adam responds by putting his backpack in the empty seat next to him. Becky seems disappointed and sits somewhere else nearby. While Adam talks to Dave about Becky, loudly declaring that he just "really hates her [Becky]", she watches them and looks very upset.

Later, Adam and Dave are studying and Becky sends Adam an email. The e-mail had explained how much she missed Adam, and no therapy would help her feelings for him. However, he reluctantly deletes it. Later on, while he and Missy are getting lunch, Becky is dropped off outside the restaurant by her father while he finds a parking space. She walks over to him. Adam mutters, "You have got to be kidding me!" as she comes up to him and asks if she's stalking him. She states that she is getting dinner with her father who is finding a place to park the car.  Adam sarcastically tells her to "hide" so she isn't seen with an "abomination".  Becky snaps at him, "Don't say that!" She then asks him, "Did you read my email?" Adam tells her he didn't read it, and tells her to go "far, far away" and walks off. However, Becky begins pouring out her heart and says, "It's not working, the therapy. It doesn't cure feelings. Sitting there everyday only reminds me that I like boys." She takes a deep breath in and continues, "And you're a boy - between the ears where it matters."  Then a bit louder she tells him, "And no therapy will ever change that! That's what my email says, that's what I've been trying to tell you."  Missy approaches them and Becky looks at her, clearly worried. Missy casually asks if she's a friend of his and Becky waits, staring at him for his answer. He responds that she's, "No one important." Becky is stunned and, while obviously fighting tears, walks away. As he Missy sit and begin eating, Adam quickly glimpses at Becky as she leaves. 

The next day at exams, Dave asks Adam how his date with Missy went. Adam tells him that it went good, and tells him that he ran into Becky and lets him read the email she had sent him. Adam admits that while their relationship was over, his "heart is telling him to give her another chance". After exams are over, Adam approaches her for once. He asks her how she did, but she responds abruptly, "I can't talk about this right now," and she starts to walk off.  Adam grabs her and tells her to come here - pointing at the desk.  He tells her that he read her email after getting it from his deleted ones. She goes, "I can't believe you deleted me." Adam tells her that he met another girl, causing Becky to sit back in her chair, the viewers can tell her heart dropped.  Adam starts to list off how perfect the girl is - being open minded about him being a FTM and whatnot - but admits to her how despite meeting another girl, he still can't stop thinking about her. Becky, realizing she is being given another chance, once again tells him that can't tell her parent's that they're together.  Adam starts to leave, calling the whole conversation a waste of time, and she stops him this time saying, "When I was in therapy, all I could think about was how I wanted to be with you - now. My family is complicated, we can't tell them."  He lets her know that by keeping him a secret, she must be ashamed. He leaves as she struggles to control her emotions, fighting tears.


Becky and Adam confront Mr. Baker.

At Battle of the Bands, WhisperHug is disqualified after Adam punches the drummer of Ezra's Pond for making a transphobic remark. Adam goes to one of the judges, Chaz Bono, who is also a Female to Male Transgender, to see if he can get his band back in the competition. Chaz asks him who the girl is that he "did all this for" and Adam says it was Becky. Adam goes on saying that he figured he could get over her by going for another girl and that the worst part of it is that Becky and him would be "perfect" together if it wasn't for her parents; thus resulting in her wanting to keep him a secret. Chaz says it is never easy with girls and that all relationships had their own obstacles, but that if her parents were the ones who couldn't accept their relationship, then not to blame her for it. He says all that mattered was how they felt for each other. Feeling inspired, Adam soon later confirms that the band can play - just without him. Apologizing for his forced absence in the performance, Adam says, "If you can believe it, I made another huge mistake today and I have to go make it right". He then leaves to go see Becky at her house after checking that her parents were gone. Becky, clearly surprised to see him, asks what he was doing there. Adam says he doesn't want to get her in trouble. He explains that he finally understands if she wants to keep him a secret as she's come such a long way for him, it was okay if it took other people longer. He adds on that he knows their relationship will be "messy" but that they need to try to be together or "they'll never know". He asks, "Try with me?" Becky smiles at him brightly just as her father comes home, who demands to know what was going on. Becky takes Adam hand and directly and firmly says to her father, "I love Adam". Adam and Becky then smile at each other. 

Adam and Becky arrive at Fiona's condo for a party. Adam introduces Becky to Drew, Bianca, and Fiona and tells Becky that he can't believe that he walked into a party with her. Becky responds by telling him that she can't believe that they walked out on her dad together. When Adam mentions how her father was clearly upset about their relationship, she half smiles saying, "I have faith that if we show my parents how good we are together, someday they'll come around." The mingle with their friends for a bit before meeting back up. The two kiss each other - earning "awes" from their friends - and Adam says to her, "I didn't know you were one for public displays of affection."  She responds, "I have nothing to be ashamed of," then smiles as the two go on to dance, clearly happy.


The two at Drew and Bianca's engagement party.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Adam takes his iPad with him to skype with Becky. Throughout the trip, he skypes Becky from Las Vegas such as confirming he and everyone made it to the city alright or just to chat with her. She questions him about him being around other girls when he brings up the many strippers there. He manages to calm her nerves when he says he "only has eyes for her" and she says how sweet the remark was. Later, they are both seen sitting next to each other at Drew and Bianca's engagement party.

Season 13

In Summertime, the Adam-Becky-Imogen Love Triangle begins. Becky tells Adam that she will be going to Florida for most of the summer with her family for about two months. Adam is fearful that the time and distance will lead to temptation for him and Becky while away for each other, so Imogen agrees to ask Becky "all the questions" for his sake, relieving Adam since he didn't want to seem as an overly jealous boyfriend.

Becky and Adam are next seen at a concert enjoying themselves with Imogen, who asks if she is going to be lifeguarding all summer. Becky confirms she intends to. Imogen asks her if she is going to be sharing female co-workers and Becky says that the majority of them are actually guys whom she describes as "so funny". This detail obviously makes Adam uncomfortable, leading him to say that they "aren't as funny as [he] is" and he and Becky lean in for a kiss when Imogen quickly fakes that she sprained her ankle. Asking Adam to go get her some ice, she spends some alone time with Becky. Imogen states that being surrounded by guys all summer long will be "pretty tempting". Becky reminds her that she herself will be surrounded by boys all summer long when Imogen says the only one not revolting to her is Adam. Now under the impression that Imogen may have her sights set on Adam, Becky asks if she still likes girls. Imogen describes herself as "open minded, like she [Becky] is".


Becky inviting Adam to go "somewhere private".

With her suspicions confirmed, Becky warns her to "open her mind to the fact that Adam has a girlfriend". When Adam returns, Becky makes her point by giving Adam a long and passionate kiss. Surprised, Adam asks what that kind of kiss was for. Becky coyly suggests they go "somewhere private" and begins to lead him away. Assuming Imogen said something to put Becky into her current mood, Adam excitedly thanks Imogen for "whatever it is that she said" and walks off with Becky into the crowd, presumably to make out, as Imogen looks down sadly. 

The two's last kiss together before Becky leaves for Florida for the summer.

The couple are next seen kissing in the middle of the hallway, as Drew and Dallas see them while going over a check list. Dallas remarks, "Counselors getting busy? Check, check and  check!" Drew smacks Adam on the back of his head and remarks for him to "retrieve his tongue" reminding him that the campers were arriving soon. Adam says that Becky was leaving for Florida and Drew gives him five more minutes and winks at him. Becky and Adam attempt to resume their make out session when Imogen jumps onto Adam's back, interrupting them, while saying they had to attend to the kids who were about to arrive. However, Becky tells Adam she has to talk to him before she left. With Imogen leaving, Becky finally confides with him about her suspicions that Imogen likes him and doesn't want him to spend anymore time with her. Adam, despite being hesitant, agrees to it and leaves to resume his camp duties. Becky gives him one last lingering look, obviously fearful for the worst. 

13x05 01

Adam during a video chat date with Becky.

In About a Girl, Adam prepares for a FaceTime date with Becky. Drew goes for a slice of pizza that Adam ordered, but is rebuffed by Adam telling him that it is for his date with Becky and that he ordered a pizza to her house too. Adam and Becky connect on FaceTime and chat briefly, only to be interrupted by Todd, who's holding the box of pizza while eating a slice. Becky
13x05 02

Becky during their video chat.

says that Todd is there to pick her up for church group which will take place on his yacht. Becky blows Adam a kiss and leaves the computer, and Todd says "Don't worry man, I'll take care of her". Drew asks for a slice of pizza, saying that Todd got one. Adam replies "Who the hell is Todd?" to which Drew says while eating "I think that's the guy stealing your girlfriend".Adam is at the Degrassi Summer Day Camp looking through pictures of Becky and Todd that Becky posted on Hastygram. Adam is interrupted by his camper, Colton, who starts looking at the photos with him. They then go to try to set up wood for a camp fire, but Adam becomes distracted when his phone vibrates alerting him that more pictures were posted. Adam realizes that Colton has disappeared and runs away to search for him. Adam expresses concern about losing his job saying that "It's the only thing keeping me from going totally insane over Becky". Drew understands and assures Adam that he will tell Simpson that it was an honest mistake, but makes Adam swear that there will be no more phone, Hastygram, or Becky.
13x05 20

Adam looking through pictures of Becky and Todd on Hastygram.

Imogen walks into the resource center and finds Adam on FaceRange looking at Becky's page which is full of pictures of her and Todd. Adam says that he wishes he could delete the photos, in which Imogen asks if he knows her password. Adam then logs in to Becky's page and chats with Todd appear. Adam searches his name in their chats, but no results come up. Drew comes in and tells Adam that he still has a job, but that he's on probation. Drew leaves and Adam cryptically says that he's "gonna send this Todd a message". Adam, Imogen, Drew, and Dallas are in the gym. Drew and Dallas are hoola hooping, while Adam is on his laptop, and Imogen is sitting next to him. Adam has decided that he is going to impersonate Becky on her FaceRange and tell Todd that she's not interested. Imogen disagrees with the plan, but Dallas and Drew think that it's a good idea as long as he can make it sound like Becky and that he deletes the message immediately after. Adam writes "I have a boyfriend named Adam, but I don't mention him much because I know you like me. But I'm totally in love with him. You need to stay away from me. Please respect my choice." Imogen insists that it's not going to work and that she's going to find out when Todd asks her about it. Adam quickly adds on to the message "Please never speak to me again. P.S. Wear a shirt". Adam wants to celebrate and offers to buy pizza. They leave for the Torres house.
13x05 62

Becky is angry at Adam for breaking into her Facerange account and telling Todd not to talk to her.

Back at the Torres house,  a cell phone goes off, and Dallas pulls out his phone. Adam checks his phone and gasps. The message says "Hey Adam, my plans fell through, so call me when you can". Adam, excited, leaves the room and immediately calls Becky. Becky says that someone accessed her FaceRange account from Toronto. Adam lies, and says that it was probably nothing. Becky then reveals that Todd got a message from her account that she didn't send and that she knows it was Adam.
13x05 61

Adam on the phone with Becky as she says she needs time to think.

Adam admits that it was him, but is angry that she is hanging out with him. Becky insists that he is just a friend, to which Adam replies "For now". Becky asks what that's supposed to mean. Adam says that he is trying to get with her. Becky says that she's not interested in Todd, and that he should have just spoken to her, like she did to him about Imogen. She says that she would never cheat, and is hurt that he would think she would. Adam, upset, insists that they forget about it, put it behind them, and laugh it off. He says "Becky, please, I love you". Becky replies "There's no love without trust, Adam. If you won't talk to me, then you obviously don't trust me. I think I need some time to think about all this." Adam tells Becky to please wait, but she says "I'm sorry" and hangs up.

Adam sends flowers to Becky, but gets them back ripped apart by her.

In Cannonball , Adam is struggling to accept his break up with Becky and, taking some advice from Drew, sends her apology roses. He receives a package back from her and is initially excited, believing it to be a good sign. However, he is disappointed to open the box and to find the roses he sent her. Drew and Dallas urge him to get over Becky, saying it likely she is over him and moving on in her life. Adam insists he doesn't want to get over Becky, declaring that he loves her. However, Dallas insists she is over him and urges him to do the same. Based on some advice from Dallas, who tells him to hook up with a girl to get over Becky, he tries to develop a romance and chemistry with Imogen as a distraction from his constant thoughts surrounding Becky. This includes giving her flowers and complimenting her on her looks. Soon he is shortly distracted when the two take cover from the rain in the back of a van. With sudden sexual tension when Imogen takes her shirt off to change, Adam kisses her and the two begin to make out. The moment is killed when Drew walks in on the two and awkwardly takes chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for s'mores for the campers. As he closes the door, he mutters, "Definitely over Becky". Suddenly struck with realization that the hook up did nothing to help him get over Becky, Adam stares as Imogen leaves the car to attend her camp counselor duties.

Adam finally gets a text from Becky.

Adam passes by Drew and says he's just going to turn in. Drew says he is going to miss the campfire sing along, but Adam complains that he feels like he's going to puke. Drew thinks he just ate some of Dallas' food, known to be bad, but Adam brings up it is about his kiss with Imogen. Drew asks what the problem is since they were both consenting adults who are single. Adam tells him Dallas told him that hooking up with Imogen was supposed to help him forget about Becky, but now all he can do is think about her. Drew says that since they were together for awhile, it is going to be a longer process to get over her. Adam again declares that he doesn't want to get over her. Drew tells him he can skip the bonfire, to avoid Imogen and to call Becky when they get home. Adam says he can't wait that long to talk to her, but Drew says he doesn't have a choice since there isn't cell service for miles. As he walks away, Adam takes out his cell phone and checks for the cell service. Determined to talk to Becky again, he snatches the

Adam tries to text her back while he's driving, but he gets into a car accident while doing so, resulting in his death.

counselor's car keys and takes off for a drive.

During the drive, Adam receives a text message from Becky reading, "Adam. I'm sorry. We should talk". Relieved, he keeps driving as he texts back to her, "I <3 u Becky". However, a result of texting and driving, he fails to see the upcoming car driving near him and ultimately crashes into a tree as he swerves to avoid it, his last thoughts being only of his happy times with Becky as he collides into it. 

In Young Forever, she is seen at Adam's funeral and watches Drew along with Bianca, Eli, and Dallas while he hugs people coming out of the church. They all wonder what went wrong and Becky tells them that Jesus wanted him closer. That comment angers Bianca and she walks away. Becky then goes up to Drew and Bianca to apologize and Drew is angry at her because he's under the impression that she killed Adam. She starts crying and Dallas convinces her that Drew is grieving and offers her a ride to the reception. She rejects his offer and decides to walk there. She then sits on a bench and cries and Jenna, Alli, and Connor take notice. Jenna asks her why she's not at the reception and she tells her that Drew doesn't want her there. Becky then explains how she told Adam that they needed a break. She then comes up with an idea and asks if any of them know how to make a bonfire.


Drew watches a video of Adam and Becky happy together.

She then sets up for a memorial for Adam with the help of Jenna, Alli, and Connor. She and Connor place a chair in the center and she says it's for Adam. Alli, Jenna, and Connor seemed creeped out by it. Becky then tries to convince herself that it wasn't a good idea and thinks nobody will come because she's the one setting it up. She's also sad that Drew is mad at her, but Alli convinces her that he's sad that Adam's gone and hates the world. She then sits quietly with them and then decides to take everything down and not have the memorial. Jenna tells her not to, but then notices everybody coming and points it to Becky. She sees everyone coming and smiles. Imogen tells her that more people are coming to pack the field and she smiles.  Drew is seen watching a video with Adam and Becky together and smiles. 
Degrassi13 may17th ss 1049

Becky watches Adam's memorial video and says that she's lost without him and loves him.

During the memorial, Bianca goes up to Becky and tells her it's going to be okay. They both then hug and cry with each other. While the video is playing, she sits next to Adam's chair and tells him that the memorial was perfect and she's lost without him. She says goodbye to him and says she loves him. She then sees Drew entering the memorial. Drew then goes up to her and thanks her for setting up the memorial. He tells her that Adam would be mad for the way he treated her and assures her that it's not her fault. Drew asks what they should do and she tells him that his death should mean something. Then, they watch the lantern fly in the air.

Season 14

In Finally (2), Becky looks like she is crying as she watches the memorial for Adam at graduation.


  • Becky is the first girl Adam had feelings for to be in the same grade as him.
  • They started out as enemies, then they liked each other, but remained enemies, then they became friends, then got together, broke up, and finally got back together. They ultimately broke up and were unable to reconcile due to Adam’s death.
  • Becky was Adam's only relationship to last more than one episode. 
  • Becky was the first and only girl that Adam had said "I love you" to and has claimed to love. Becky also had loved him as well. 
  • Their first kiss was in the school hallway in Building A Mystery (1).
  • Their last kiss was at school before Becky left for Florida in Summertime.
  • They are/were both friends with Mike Dallas, Eli Goldsworthy, Clare Edwards and Jenna Middleton.
  • Becky had conflicts with Adam's friends Eli Goldsworthy and Imogen Moreno, but Becky ended her conflict with both of them.
  • Their relationship was the third one to have one partner not accepted by the other's parents. The first was B.L.T. and Michelle and the second was Sav and Anya.
  • Both of them have brothers that are athletes: Becky's brother Luke plays hockey, and Adam's brother Drew is a football player.
  • Becky was attracted to Adam before she knew he was transgender. When she found out he was transgender, she realized that she still wanted to be with him.
  • Adam knew Becky's passwords to social media sites such as Facerange, revealing that she uses the same password on every online account that she has. 
  • When Jenna told Becky that Adam was trans, Becky thought it initially meant "transient" as in he was homeless.
  • Adam died by attempting to send a text to Becky while driving. He lost focus and crashed into a tree, sending him into a coma. He passed away during surgery. The unfinished and unsent text message read, "I <3 u Beck".
  • Becky was the last person Adam talked to, albeit via text message.
  • Becky was the second girl Adam had described as "perfect". The first is Fiona
  • Beckdam was the third relationship in the series in which the male died. The first was J.T. and Liberty and the second was Cam and Maya.
  • It is implied by Becky as well as her final message to him that she wanted to make amends with him before he died. Since Adam wanted to make up with her as well, had he lived, the two would have reconciled. 
  • After Adam's funeral, Becky and Drew, Adam's stepbrother, grew closer and began dating, even though Drew previously blamed Becky for Adam's death.
  • They were in three love triangles with Missy, Imogen, and Todd.
  • They were both members of the Degrassi Drama Department.

Episodes Featured

14 episodes total.


  • Adam: "I can't believe I just walked into a party with you."
    Becky: "I can't believe I just walked out on my dad with you." - Tonight, Tonight (2)
  • Adam: "Go back to the part where you asked me to be your boyfriend." 
  • Adam: "This is crap! You don't need to be fixed. (voice cracks) You're perfect." - Building A Mystery (2)
  • Becky: "It's not working, the therapy. It doesn't cure feelings. Sitting there everyday only reminds me that I like boys. And you're a boy - between the ears where it matters." Tonight, Tonight (1)
  • Adam (deciding to win Becky back): "If you can believe it, I made another huge mistake today and I have to go make it right." - Tonight, Tonight (2)
  • Becky: "I love Adam."
  • Adam (after Becky kisses him passionately): "What was that for?" 
    Becky: "Let's go somewhere private."
  • Adam (about having broken up with Becky): "The worst part about it is that we'd be perfect together if it weren't for her parents."
  • Adam: "I can understand if you can't tell your parents about us. You've come such a long way for me, it's okay if it takes other people longer to come around. Baby steps. Look, I know it's going to be messy, but we need to try to be together. Or we'll never know. Try with me?" - Tonight, Tonight (2)
  • Adam: "I didn't know you were one for public displays of affection."
    Becky: "I have nothing to be ashamed of."
  • Adam: "And then I fell for the perfect one, who overcame so much to be with me, so hands off Drew, Becky come here, come here I want you on video, then everyone can believe that someone like you could pick a guy like me."
  • Becky: "Goodbye Adam Torres, I love you".

Rival Relationships


  • First Relationship:
  • Second Relationship:
    • Start Up: Tonight, Tonight (1228)
    • Broke Up: About a Girl (1305)
      •  Reason: Becky found out that Adam hacked into her FaceRange account and sent Todd a message to stay away from her. She became upset that Adam didn't trust her to be faithful or bothered to talk to her about how he felt, resulting in her responding that she needed time to think, and Adam died in a texting-and-driving crash before they could reconcile.