The friendship between Maya Matlin and Adam Torres was known as Madam (Maya/Adam). They became friends in Season 12, when they joined the band, WhisperHug.

Friendship History


Season 12

In Come As You Are (1), they both audition for WhisperHug and Mo accepts them into the band.

In Got Your Money (2), they officially meet, as Adam was sick before. Later, they are both seen backstage preparing for their first gig at the school dance. When they go onstage, they look excited and happy to be performing in front of an audience.

In Building A Mystery, Adam convinces Maya and the rest of WhisperHug to perform at Becky's fundraiser.

In Tonight, Tonight, WhisperHug is selected for the High School Battle of the Bands. They pick the song "Superman" to perform and rehearse it all week. Adam goes out with Missy and tells her their song, and, sure enough at the competition, she steals the song for her band to perform it instead. Maya looks really upset when she discovers this, as she was already having a bad day from her drama with Zig and Tori. Maya sits down with Mo, Imogen, and Zig to try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Adam went over to the tent of the other band to confront Missy. He ended up punching the drummer who insulted him for being transgender. Bullfrog saw and disqualified his band. When the band hears the news they get even more upset. Adam tries to make it up to them and fix things. He goes up to Chaz Bono and tells him about the altercation and if he could fix it. Chaz fixed it, kind of, by allowing WhisperHug to perform without Adam. Maya says that she's sorry that he can't perform, and Adam tells her not to worry about it since he has to fix things with Becky anyway.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Maya tells Saad that her bandmate died in a texting while driving accident.