The conflict between Alex Nuñez and Hazel Aden is known as Halex (Hazel/Alex). It began in the fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Conflict history


Although Degrassi's bad girl Alex never gave Hazel a reason to like her, considerable tension arose between the two after Hazel's best friend Paige befriended the troubled girl. When a kiss between Paige and Alex led to Paige questioning her sexuality, and a subsequent relationship with Alex, Hazel and Alex's issues with one another escalated into a full-blown conflict. Their dislike of each other even resulted in their alienation from Paige for some time. However, they eventually agreed to try to get along for Paige's sake, and parted ways upon graduating at the end of season 5 on relatively good terms. 

Season 4

In King of Pain, Hazel, upon learning that Alex is running against Marco for student president, offers to do whatever she can to ensure that Alex does not beat Marco in the election. 

Season 5

In Our Lips Are Sealed (2), Alex calls Hazel dull when Hazel approaches her and Paige. Paige chastises Alex for her remark, and tells her to try to be nicer to Hazel. Alex finds Hazel in the media lab later. She tells Hazel that while the two of them don't need to be close friends, they should try to at least be civil to each other for Paige's sake. Hazel suggests the three of them go on a shopping trip, an idea Alex is not fond of. Nonetheless, she accepts Hazel's invitation. While at the mall Alex disses the clothing choices Hazel picks for Paige and Hazel insults Alex not being able to afford any of the clothes then Paige gets angry and leaves. Then Hazel insults Alex and Paige dating and the girls start throwing clothes at each other. The next day at school Alex and Hazel make jokes about Paige being a drama queen and come up with an idea they can all be on good terms. At the mall Paige meets up with them and they all get along and have a fight flinging whipped cream at each other with spoons.