The conflict between Alex Nuñez and Rick Murray began in the fourth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation when Rick's return to Degrassi Community School incited student anger, as he had put his ex-girlfriend, former Degrassi student Terri MacGregor, in a coma due to his physical abuse towards her. Ultimately, a prank on Rick by Alex, Jay Hogart and Spinner Mason would drive Rick to bring a gun to school. 

Conflict History


Although Alex never really met Rick, she already hated him because of his violence to Terri MacGregor. She later confesses to Emma that her mother and herself are abused sometimes by her mother's drunken boyfriends, therefore knowing firsthand what domestic abuse is like. Alex was involved with Spinner and Jay's prank on Rick, but she was never punished, despite her disgust towards Rick, she felt guilty that she got him killed.

Season 4

In Mercy Street, Alex accuses Emma of being friendly with Rick during an after school student hangout at The Dot. Emma denies this and proves her dislike of Rick by tripping him when he comes in to attempt to make peace with everyone.

After recovering from his fall, Rick looks up at Emma, enraged. This incites Jay to drag Rick outside and humiliate him before punching him in the stomach. He adds insult to injury by taking off Rick's glasses and crushing them beneath his foot.

In Time Stands Still (1), Alex conspires with Jay and Spinner to get revenge on Rick by dumping paint and feathers on him during a game show he, Emma, Jimmy and Toby participate in. She was the only one of the three who conspired to dump the paint on Rick to not get expelled and was sorry for pulling the prank after it culminated in a school disaster.

Soon after, Rick became the culprit behind a tragic school shooting. She told Jay that while he probably didn't want to talk about the shooting, she did, as she felt remorse for her actions.



  • Alex laughing at Rick as the prank unfolds.