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Nickname(s) Ali
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Relationships Ashley Kerwin (Ex-Girlfriend)
First Episode Venus (1) (501)
Last Episode High Fidelity (2) (519)
Reason Relationship with Ashley ended
Alistair is a young man who lives in London, and is presumed to be around Ashley Kerwin's age. When Ashley traveled to London for the summer, she met Alistair and they both developed romantic feelings for each other. Ashley decided to stay another year in England with Alistair, thus ending her relationship with Craig Manning. It was never explained clearly why they broke up, but Ashley has described it as "fizzling out." The question of who broke up with who is never answered. Ashley moved on to Jimmy Brooks, but it is unknown what happened to Alistair.


Main article: Ashley-Alistair Relationship

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