Allan was a regular customer at the strip club, Zanzibar, and was quite wealthy. He was portrayed by Richard Hardacre.

Character History

Season 6

In Don't You Want Me? (2), Vlad introduces Allan to Alex Nuñez, who was considering quitting stripping. Later, after Alex gets into a fight with Paige Michalchuk, Alex is planning on leaving when Allan asks her if he could buy her a drink. Alex has him describe himself, which he does as "entrepreneur, golfer, divorced twice, old, and lonely". Alex reveals to him that she is a lesbian, and Allan states that he only wants to talk. She tells him about how Paige wants her to quit stripping, and Alex herself finds it hard not to quit. Allan tells her it takes a confident and brave women to do Alex's job and it's Paige loss if she can't handle it, but Alex reveals that she doesn't want to lose her. He gives her money for talking to him.

Don't You Want Me (2) 619
The next night, Allan and Alex talk again about Alex's relationship problems, and Alex describes herself as feeling pathetic. Allan tries to proposition Alex for sex, asking her to go Vegas with him, though Alex reminds him that she is a lesbian. Allan tells her to think of it as another job and asks her to name her price. Alex proceeds to slap him, and decides to quit working at Zanzibar.