The friendship between Alli Bhandari and Campbell Saunders began when Alli started tutoring Cam in Season 12 of Degrassi.

Friendship history


Alli tutored Campbell in Chemistry, and the two spent a substancial amount of time working together to improve Campbell's grades. Later, when Campbell was depressed, he ran into Alli, and she gave him some advice to help him fix things with his girlfriend, Maya Matlin, which he followed. However, he also told Alli that he was tired of constantly having bad days, and he just wanted to "go to sleep, and never wake up" while he was having his meltdown. After he committed suicide a few days later, Alli was shown to be upset over his death since she had an idea of what could've been wrong with him but she brushed it off rather than getting him help.

Season 12

In I Want It That Way (1), Alli is tutoring Cam since he is struggling in Chemistry, and Alli teaches him a mnemonic device for the elements. Alli tells him she needs to go, and Cam is still struggling and asks her to stay longer.

In I Want It That Way (2), Cam along with Dallas shows Alli the C+ he got on his test and is very happy about it.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Campbell throws his backpack into a random classroom that Alli happens to be inside of. He is visibly upset, and Alli asks him what is wrong. Campbell tells her that his semester is already messed up, and that he wishes he could go to sleep and never wake up. Alli says that everyone has bad days, but Campbell claims that all of his days are bad, as Maya now hates him and Dallas had just screamed at him for being a screw up. Alli tells him to forget about Dallas, and to focus on fixing things with Maya, suggesting that he should get her flowers. She tells him that it'll work, and he takes her advice. Later, Alli yells at Dallas over the phone for treating Campbell poorly.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), the news of Campbell's suicide spreads through the students, and the news greatly upsets Alli. She is shown crying in class over his death, and later decides to talk to the counsellor.


  • They were both good friends with Mike Dallas, whom Alli is currently dating.
  • They both were disliked by Bianca DeSousa at one point.
  • Alli almost slept with Cam's teammate, Owen Milligan, for money.
  • Their actors are close friends and worked together before in their childhood.
  • Alli was the last person Cam got advice from before his suicide.
  • Cam and Alli both had trouble finding places to sit at lunchtime at some point.