Amberley was a Toronto University student and Ellie Nash's former roommate who only appeared in Here Comes Your Man (2). She was portrayed by Ella Chan.

Character History

Season 6

Amberley was very colorful, tidy, and a bit weird. Her personality entirely clashed with Ellie's. Ellie was annoyed when Amberley cleaned her stuff, folded her clothes and took down her "inappropriate pictures." Amberley also called Ellie by her full name, Eleanor, and made a photo album that was supposed to include all the precious moments that they would have over the course of the next year. Shortly afterwards, Ellie wrote an editorial about roommates for the university newspaper, The Core, and mentioned how weird Amberley was, referring to her as the "Stepford Omarosa, minus the looks." She submitted it anonymously, but Jesse Stefanovic, the editor, published it with her name on it. To make it up to her, he agreed to allow her to write an article about the tuition rally. Amberley kicked Ellie out of their dorm room, so she moved in with Dylan and Marco, which Marco was extremely happy about because many of his friends were away.