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Ana Golja
Birth Name Ana Golja
Date of Birth January 31, 1996 (age 18)
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Annie (Possibly)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Occupation(s) Actress, Singer, Dancer
IMDb Ana Golja
Twitter TheAnaGolja
 Ana Golja is a Canadian teen actress who portrays Zoë Rivas on Season 13 of Degrassi. Ana is good friends with Aislinn Paul, who plays Clare Edwards who wrote a story about her in You Oughta Know. She is also good friends with Eric Osborne, Andre Kim, Luke Bilyk, Olivia Scriven, Sarah Fisher, and Lyle Lettau.


  • Ana is an Aquarius.
  • She ships Eclare,CamayaFrankston, and Zië
  • She played Liz in a mini-series, called Clue.
  • Her first kiss was on screen with Eric Osborne, who portrays Miles.
  • Ana is a fan of One Direction and her favorite is Harry Styles.
  • Downton Abbey is one of her favorite shows.
  • She also stars as Ellen in a webseries called Unlikely Heroes.
  • She has been acting since she was 9 and a half.
  • She did her own stunts in Spiderwebs.
  • She's also a fan of Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga.
  • The first thing she does in the morning is check her phone.
  • She prefers dogs over cats.
  • Her number one celebrity crush is Leonardo Dicaprio.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavour is tiramisu and she tend to stay away from fruit flavours.
  • Her favorite Instagram filter is Mayfair, but she does use Lo-Fi and x-pro ll a lot too.
  • She would never wear anything with spikes.
  • She never played a character like Zoë before, and she would not be friends with her.
  • If she was stuck on a deserted island, she would want Imogen to keep her company.
  • One of her new year resolutions is to do more volunteer work.
  • She loves the film Serendipity.
  • She auditioned for Degrassi on December 18, 2012.
  • She has a parrot named papaguya.
  • Her mom is her role model.
  • She loves Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Colin Firth; and she would be honored if she get to work with them one day.
  • She ships Matlingsworth
  • She has a fear of Clowns.
  • She doesn't have a middle name.
  • "Ana" is actually her stage name, not her birth name.
  • She has auditioned for Imogen and Talia
  • She worked with Dylan Everett and Melinda Shankar in How To Be Indie.
  • Phantom of the Opera is her favorite musical.
  • She hate horror films and can't handle anything scary.
  • Her favorite Beyonce song is Partition.
  • Andre Kim (Winston) took her to his prom.


Year Title Role Type
2005 1-800-Missing Lucy TV Series
2008 Flashpoint 10 year old Penny TV Series
2009 Franny's Feet Panda TV Series
2010 Vacation with Derek Isabella TV Movie
2011 Little Mosque on the Prairie Betty Sue TV Series
2011 How to Be Indie Dotty TV Series
2010 - 2011 Connor Undercover Lily TV Series
2011 Clue Liz TV Series
2011 - 2012 What's Up Warthogs! Laney TV Series
2013 Life with Boys Cassandra TV Series
2013 Unlikely Heroes Ellen Web/TV Series
2013 - present Degrassi Zoë Rivas

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