Andre is a French native, who is friends with Leo. Leo and Alli Bhandari tried to set him up with Jenna Middleton to get over her fight with boyfriend, Connor, but the date did not go well as Jenna thought he was creepy.

Character History

Season 13

In Cannonball, Alli asks Leo to set up a double date because Jenna's having issues with Connor. Jenna arrives at the date surprised to see Andre there. He kisses Jenna on the cheek three times, making her feel uncomfortable. Leo tells Jenna that Andre is good at massages because he is a massage therapy student, and he gives Jenna one, making her even more uncomfortable with this as well. He then stuffs a pastry into Jenna's mouth and tells her to feed him. She then gets up and leaves and tells him she needs to write an angry letter to a friend, referring to Alli.