Andrew was a waiter, who appeared in season 3 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was portrayed by J.P. Richards.

Character History

Season 3

In It's Raining Men, Andrew is the server for Marco, Dylan, and Marco's parents. Dylan excuses himself after Mr. Del Rossi began an anti-gay rant, not knowing that Dylan or his son was gay.

In I Want Candy, Paige, Spinner, and Ashley eat at a restaurant while skipping class, and Andrew is their waiter. Spinner tries to order alcohol, but Andrew doesn't serve him. They dine and dash after spotting Mr. Raditch in the restaurant.

In The Power of Love, Paige, Spinner, Hazel, and Jimmy go out to eat before the dance. They end up going to the same restaurant, where Paige and Spinner skipped on paying the bill. Andrew recognizes them, and adds up the lunches Paige and Spinner skipped out on to the dinner bill.