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Full Name Anton
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown with Red Mowhawk
Relationships Lola Pacini (Attraction)
Job Student
First Episode #BuyMePizza (1604)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Gabriel Kwame Mawto
Anton was a boy Lola Pacini met through her Teendr app. He was portrayed by Gabriel Kwame Mawto.

Character History

Season 16

In #BuyMePizza, Lola flirted with him during her brief break up with Tiny. Anton arrives with a pizza just as Tiny and Lola got back together. He is angry, and comments that "all the Teendr girls are the same". Tiny comments he should leave, and Anton hands the pizza to Lola, before punching Tiny. Tiny and Anton fight before it is broken up by Ms. Grell. Anton avoids being caught by running off.

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