The friendship between Arlene Takahashi and Frankie Hollingsworth is known as Farlene (Frankie and Arlene). It began in Season 14 of Degrassi.

Friendship History

Season 14

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Shay Powers and Lola Pacini are making fun of the expression on Arlene's face in a photo that they took of her, which Frankie scolds them for. Frankie and her boyfriend Winston Chu later find out that her twin brother Hunter Hollingsworth has a crush on Arlene. She shamefully admits to Winston that she, Lola and Shay weren't exactly nice to her. The next morning, Frankie sits next to Arlene instead of Shay and Lola and finds out that they both enjoy comics. Frankie then invites Hunter to switch seats so the two of them can discuss comics, much to Hunter's delight.


  • Frankie (to Arlene): "Hey, is anyone sitting here?"
  • Arlene (to Frankie): "Uh, no. Go ahead."


  • They both like comics.
  • They are both members of the Class of 2017.
  • Frankie set up Arlene with her twin brother Hunter.
  • Arlene's first line was said to Frankie. ("Uh, no. Go ahead.")