The friendship between Arthur Kobalewsky and Yick Yu began in Kiss Me, Steph when Joey Jeremiah locked them both (at separate times) in the storage closet on their first day at Degrassi Junior High.

Friendship History

DJH Season 1

Arthur runs into Joey Jeremiah who traps him in a storage closet, from which he is released by Yick. The two start a friendship, as they find their way to their homeroom class. Arthur borrows his sister Stephanie Kaye's old paper so he can help Yick prove that Mr. Raditch was giving him poor marks because he does not like him. Arthur does not believe this. The two got into many situations, like trying to be tall like Archie Simpson and trying to be cool like Rick Munro. Arthur also watches porn with Yick, and when the other grade sevens do not like Stephanie's actions as school president, he is the only one who sticks up for her.

DJH Season 2

In Great Expectations, Arthur starts to have wet dreams, but Yick helps him get over his problem when the two annonymously call Dr. Sally, and she explains to them that there is nothing wrong with him.

DJH Season 3

Arthur returns to Degrassi as a grade 8, and one of his parents wins the lottery. He does not want this to get out, and tries to keep it private. Yick, however, does not like the fact that Arthur is rich, and their relationship is strained at one point. They get over this argument and continue to be friends, and when Arthur learns that his cousin Dorothy has a crush on Yick, they try to deal with this next issue. Later in the year, Arthur does not like his father's new girlfriend, and he and Yick try to break them up. The two attend the Degrassi graduation dance, and manage to escape the building when the fire burns the school to the ground.

DH Season 1-2

Arthur and Yick's friendship is strained when Yick starts to become popular with other students, and Arthur does not. For his grade 9 and grade 10 years, he deals with Yick smoking cigarettes, and him ditching Arthur to hang out with Luke. Arthur starts to have a crush on Caitlin at one point but gets this out of his system. He tries out for the talent show with his cousin Dorothy as well. Yick and Arthur's friendship is regained when Arthur shows Yick, Joey, and Luke that he knows how to play poker very well.


  • Their friendship was used to influence the friendship of J.T. Yorke and Toby Isaacs.
  • They were both locked into their lockers and the same broom closet but at different times.
  • They both initially disliked Joey Jeremiah as he tended to pick on them but later became friends with him.
  • They both graduated in the Class of 1993.
  • They both had crushes on girls that didn't return the feelings to them: Arthur for Caitlin Ryan and Yick for Melanie Brodie. Coincidentally, Caitlin and Melanie were friends.
  • They grew apart as friends when Yick learned how to be more social and Arthur became more dependent on using money to instigate friendship.
  • They both made their first appearances in Kiss Me, Steph.
  • They were both big fans of Space Cadets.
  • In All in a Good Cause, they toilet papered Mr. Raditch's house.
  • They were both members of the Grade 7 class 7C from 1987 to 1988, the Grade 8 class 8A from 1988 to 1989 and the Grade 9 class 9A from 1989 to 1990.
  • They were both friends with Alex Yankou and Luke Matthews. However, Alex ended his friendship with Yick after he found out that he kissed his girlfriend Tessa Campanelli while Luke initially disliked Arthur.
  • Arthur's cousin Dorothy was best friends with Yick's ex-girlfriend Tessa. Dorothy had an unrequited crush on Yick.
  • Arthur had a crush on Caitlin Ryan while Yick had a crush on her best friend Maya Goldberg.
  • In a deleted scene from Mother and Child Reunion (2), Yick mentioned that he and Arthur were still friends and had set up a web design company together.