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“Bad Medicine”
Season 8, Episode 10
Can. Airdate

January 25, 2009

U.S. Airdate

February 20, 2009

Prod. Code



Michael Grassi


Sturla Gunnarsson

Episode Guide

Lost in Love (2)


Causing a Commotion

Bad Medicine is the tenth episode of Season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation.


Riley is the star on the football field, but steroid abuse and a deep secret have him lashing out. Danny and Derek both have it bad for Leia. How will all of this affect their friendship?

Main Plot

Riley turns to steroids to make him stronger and tries to become straight. He is into Anya and when he mentions hooking up with her, Sav is angry. When Riley talks about his steroid use, Peter is concerned for Riley's well being, but Riley doesn't care. Meanwhile, He reconnects with an old camp friend, Nathan. He is surprised to see Nathan at the ravine and flees the scene when Nathan calls his name then goes to the school. A little while later, Riley goes on a date with Anya. They are visited by Mia and Peter as Anya and Mia excuse themselves. Peter confronts Riley about his sexuality and if the steroids are supposed to make him straight. They all leave soon. Riley and Anya go out again for a picnic and share an awkward kiss. Immediately after their date, Riley finally meets Nathan at the ravine. They flirt, then Nathan kisses Riley's neck and grabs towards his belt and crotch, suggesting they will hook up. The next day, Anya reveals she still has feelings for Sav. During their football warm up, Riley and Sav get into a fight when Sav sees Riley texting Nathan and assumes it's Anya. Peter and Riley reconcile and Riley swears never to take steroids again.

Sub Plot

Danny is good friends with Leia and of course best friends with Derek, but when he sets the two up on a date, he finds himself wishing he hadn't.

  • This episode is named after "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi.
  • This marks the first appearance of Nathan.
  • Nathan and Riley hook up in this episode.

  • "Put Your Hands Up" by Skeewiff
  • "I've Got A Voice" by Cadence Grace
  • "Montreal Love Song" by We Are The Take

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