"I already lost one brother this year... I can't lose another. "
— Drew, expressing his concern to Dallas.

Barely Breathing is the fourteenth episode of Season 13. This episode aired on November 7, 2013.

Main Plot

Maya is struggling to find out who started the bullying and begins her relationship with Miles.

Sub Plot

Dallas reveals to Drew why he is drinking and hooking up with random girls.

Third Plot

Alli is willing to let go of Leo once and for all but how many chance can he get?

  • Mrs. Matlin: "How would you feel if people started spreading lies about your daughter?"
  • Drew: "I already lost one brother this year... I can't lose another."
  • Maya in her song about Zoë:
    "You were a superstar, now you're a has been
    Thought we were friends, but you were just acting
    One day I'll watch you die, maybe in your sleep
    Put you six feet under so you don't make a peep
    Watch your back, you're dead with a capital D e e e e eeeee
    The world will be a much better place with out you, Zo e e e e eeeee"
  • Mrs. Matlin: "Suspended, Maya? For threatening a girl's life?"
    Maya: "It was a song, do you really think I'm capable of murder?"
    Mrs. Matlin: "You are grounded, obviously, which means no TV, and no internet."
    Maya: "You don't get it do you? I was groped by a random jerk today and people look at me like I have a disease, and Zoë gets to go around laughing and flipping her hair going O M G!"
    Mrs. Matlin: "You can't let them hurt you, you have to turn the other cheek!"
    Maya: "Mom, do you realize how hard that is when they are at school and online?"
    Mrs. Matlin: "You don't have to sink to their level, you are better than that."
    Maya: "Are we done?"
    Mrs. Matlin: "No. If you wanna press criminal charges against Zoë, we can."
    Maya: "Seriously?"
    Mrs. Matlin: "It's gonna be long and it's gonna be difficult, but I want you to know I am on your side."

  • "Adagio" arranged by Jim McGrath
  • "Backstabbing Blues" by Olivia Scriven and Eric Osborne
  • "Sails" by Rodello's Machine
  • "Karma" by Olivia Scriven
  • "Hold On Love" by Aaron Hale