Bernice Fein is a talent agent, who appears in Venus. Manny Santos auditions for her, but she is turned down. She was portrayed by Linda Kash.

Character History

Season 5

In Venus (1), Manny shows up to Bernice's office without an appointment, hoping to speak with her, and record an audition. Manny is able to get an audition with Bernice, but she doesn't do very well. Bernice tells her that the people she represents have "It", and asks Manny what is so special about her. She tells Manny to figure that out before coming back, and to lose some weight, which makes Manny decide to get breast augmentation.

Season 7

In If This Is It, it is revealed that Bernice is Manny's agent, and she gets her an audition for the show, West Drive.


  • Bernice: "They're not just gorgeous, they're special. They have "it". Look at Robin. Robin has it. Robin is special. What's so special about you? Hmm?"
    Manny says nothing.
    Bernice: "Exactly my point. So, you go figure that out before you come back here. Oh, and a word of advice: stop with the beans and rice, and dump the lumps."