Best Laid Plans is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Degrassi Junior High. It aired on March 1, 1987.


Arthur plans to show Yick a pornographic video when his mother goes out on Friday night. Meanwhile his sister Stephanie makes plans to sleep with Wheels that same night.


Stephanie asks Wheels to go to a movie on Friday night and he says yes. Meanwhile, Yick shows Arthur a porno movie called Swamp Sex Robots. Stephanie finds out her mom is going out on Friday too, so she's happy she can dress sexy for the date without her mom knowing. Arthur finds out that Stephanie and his mom are going out Friday, so he plans to watch the movie with Yick then.

Stephanie is talking to Heather and Erica and they wonder if Stephanie will get physical with Wheels on their date. "I've been on dates before, I can handle it," says Stephanie. Shane overhears their conversation and tells Wheels he's going to "make it" with Stephanie, and everyone begins talking about it. Stephanie says "Sex is no big deal."

Wheels asks his dad for advice on sex. He says Wheels is too young to do it right now. Thinking that he's going to do it with Stephanie, Wheels and Joey go and buy condoms at the pharmacy. It happens to be the same place that Stephanie's mom works. At home, Stephanie finds out that her mom is leaving at the same time Wheels is supposed to arrive. It's 7:30 and both Stephanie and her mom's dates arrive at the same time.

Steph's mom remembers Wheels from the pharmacy. She has a talk with Stephanie and Wheels, ruining everyone's plans for the evening. Stephanie gets grounded for two weeks, but she says that she's kind of glad because she didn't have to do anything with Wheels.