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Bhandari's Cat
Full Name Johnny
Gender Male
Hair Color Black and White (Fur)
Family Sav Bhandari (Owner)
Alli Bhandari (Owner)
Mr. Bhandari (Owner)
Mrs. Bhandari (Owner)
Affiliation(s) Janie and the Studs
First Episode Innocent When You Dream (917)
Last Episode Innocent When You Dream (917)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Panther
The cat of the Bhandari household. He appears in Janie and the Studs' "House Arrest" music video in Innocent When You Dream. His inclusion in the band's music video inspired Sav Bhandari to start making music videos for other cats.


  • He and Mr. Tuxedo Pants are both bicolor or "tuxedo" cats.
  • In the music video for "House Arrest", he was playing the piano.
  • He is played by Panther, a cat that lives in Epitome Studios.
  • This is the second animal whose name has never been revealed. The first was a turtle that belonged to Spinner Mason.
  • The cat was never seen at the Bhandari home.


Showing of his musical talents on the piano.

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