The friendship between Bianca DeSousa and Owen Milligan is also known as Bowen (Bianca/Owen). The two became friends from being in the same group of badasses at Degrassi. Owen has shown to have a slight attraction to Bianca, but for the most part sees her as a close friend.

Friendship History

Season 10

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Fitz is seen walking down the hall with Owen when they run into Clare and Adam. Adam had just bumped into Clare, dropping his tampons all over the floor. Owen and Fitz tease Adam, but Adam shoves the tampons at Clare and she covers for him. They then walk away. Later, Owen and Fitz corner Adam in the washroom. They tell him they heard something about Adam is transgender from Bianca..

Season 11

In Paper Planes (1), Owen is with Anya at a club, silent. When he offers to take her home, she turns him down, saying that she would then have to tell them that she didn't get into TU, where they thought she would live out her dreams. He introduces her to Bianca when she sits down by them with Pauly and Chloe. When Chloe offers them cocaine, Owen and Bianca both refuse.

In Hollaback Girl (1), Owen glances at Bianca while she is going over to talk to Drew.

Season 12

In Sabotage (1), Bianca tells Drew that Owen is her study buddy for Chemistry, and has been keeping her entertained in class.

In The Time of My Life, Owen and Bianca both graduate. Owen can be seen standing behind Bianca at graduation.