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Bigmouth Strikes Again is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the first season of minisodes, that aired in the fifth season. It takes place after the episode Redemption Song.



Darcy and Spinner walk out of the theater with Spinner's arm around her after their movie had finished. Darcy says that she can't believe that J.T. Yorke thought that the movie she and Spinner just saw was good, as it was only 90 minutes of "boobs, butts, and dumb jokes." Spinner tells her that she says that as if it is a bad thing, saying Clown Academy might go down in the history as the greatest motion picture, or the one with the most farts. Darcy says that he is the biggest goof, but she loves him, and kisses him to prove it. However, Jay, who had been watching them from a nearby wall, begins to laugh at the couple, sarcastically saying that they are sweet. Darcy shows her dislike for Jay, but gives him and Spinner a moment alone, after Jay requests it.

Spinner asks Jay what he wants, and Jay tells him maybe a hello, or a what's up. Spinner questions what part of him kicking Jay's ass did he not get. Jay says that it isn't like they haven't fought before, but they're friends, admitting he screwed up and Spinner set him straight. Spinner tells him that it is anything but good, and that they are done. Jay comments that Darcy has really gotten her claws into Spinner, and Spinner says that it isn't about her, which prompts Jay to ask who it is about then. He questions if it is "The Big J", and Spinner tells him not to talk about Jesus, saying he has been saved. Jay is in disbelief and says he can't be serious, telling Spinner that he would say just about anything to make Darcy happy. Spinner tells him to back off, and Jay calls him pathetic for pretending to believe in God to get into Darcy's pants. Jay calls him a freak, and the two are close to fighting, until Darcy approaches Spinner, calming him down by saying that Jay isn't worth it. The two leave, and Jay yells an apology after them that falls on deaf ears.

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  • Due to their fight from Redemption Song, Spinner is shown with a bandage on his face while the left half of Jay's face is obscured.


Degrassi Mini 106 - Bigmouth Strikes Again

Degrassi Mini 106 - Bigmouth Strikes Again

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