Blair Bongard was a teacher at Jenna Middleton's prenatal class. She is very protective of her 6 year old son named Caleb Bongard. She was portrayed by Leslie Seiler.

Character History

Season 10

In Halo (1), Blair is first seen teaching at Jenna Middleton's prenatal class. She talks about parenting, asks them a question, "What are your deepest fears?" Sav Bhandari asks questions like what happens to the couple after child birth. She seems okay with the question and says, "Loss of sex drive". She says it's normal to ask questions like that. She asks Sav if he's a first time daddy, but Jenna says he's just a friend, and she seems to be taken aback by that. Jenna asks her if she can go through this alone. She replied by saying they're not gonna let any of that happen. She tells the partners that it's bath time.

In Jesus, Etc. (1), at Jenna's prenatal class, Blair lectures for a while and tells the partners to perform a diaper change to see how fast they can change baby's diapers. Since Jenna was slow at changing the diapers, she encourages her to keep on trying, so that she can get in the hang of it. She tells Jenna that she needs some practice and that her 6 year old son Caleb would be a perfect candidate. She tells K.C. Guthrie and Jenna to take his son to the park next day.

In Jesus, Etc. (2), after agreeing to babysit Blair's six-year-old son Caleb, it’s time for Jenna and K.C. to make good on their promise. Blair gives out strict instructions to K.C. and Jenna for babysitting her son Caleb. K.C. and Jenna coach Caleb to keep the hot dog a secret, as Blair did not want him eating one, but Caleb tells Blair as soon as she picks him up. Blair is angry at them and takes Caleb away from them.


  • "My choice!"