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Full Name Brad
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Relationships Unnamed Boyfriend
Job Actor
Affiliation(s) West Drive
First Episode If This Is It (723)
Last Episode If This Is It (723)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Tommy Lioutas
Brad was an actor who starred on the teen drama West Drive. He portrayed a character named Brad West, and had been on the series for nine seasons by 2007.

Character History

Season 7

In If This Is It, he meets Manny Santos while she is deciding if she wanted to join West Drive or not. When Manny makes a comment about a set being like a second home, Brad says that it is more like a first home, and his boyfriend hates it since he never sees him. He asks if her friends know that she will be disappearing, and Manny responds that her best friend, Emma Nelson, will be busy with college at Smithdale University. Manny reveals she got in as well, and Brad reveals he auditioned three times for their drama program and didn't get in. He asks Manny what she is doing here, and she says that she is living the dream of being a working actress. Brad reveals he can't get any other acting work since he has been on West Drive for 9 seasons, as everyone only sees him as his character, Brad West. His advice makes Manny rethink her decision about not attending Smithdale.


  • He shares his first name with the character whom he portrays.
  • He mentions that he has a boyfriend, revealing that he is gay.
  • He was the first West Drive actor to be revealed to be gay. Zoë Rivas later confirmed that her former co-star Max was gay.

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