Bree is a troubled teen who was staying with Summer and Cash, who helped them tend their illegal marijuana. She was portrayed by Alexia Filippeos.

Character History

Season 11

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Bree is working at Hubert's Rare & Used Books. She is asked to bring some books in from a van by Summer, and does so., It is revealed Bree moved in with Summer and her boyfriend, Cash, to get out of some bad home problems. She is later seen clapping for Clare at breakfast as she dumps her iPhone into a fish tank.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), she is at the dinner table with Cash, Summer, Clare, and the other housemates when Clare shares her story about her parents' divorce. She clicks her glass with everyone else when Summer makes a toast in Clare's honor. When Cash announces it is time to work, she naturally walks right into the warehouse, implying that she is used to working with the marijuana. Later, when Summer and Cash are arrested, it is possible that she was also taken into custody, or was released, like Clare.