Bring It On is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second series of minisodes which aired during the sixth season, coinciding with the plot of the episode Eyes Without a Face (1).



Manny Santos and Darcy Edwards, as co-captains of the Spirit Squad, are auditioning boys for positions on the squad. Manny dislikes the idea of adding boys and thinks they should all go home, though Darcy thinks since the boys are already there, they should be given a chance to try out. Manny agrees, but says, "They better bring it.", leading Derek to walk across the screen, saying, "It's already been broughten." Manny looks annoyed, and Darcy begins the auditions.

Sean Cameron walks across the gym holding pom-poms, and does a cheer for a Wasaga Boys team. Manny and Darcy stare at him, leading Manny to comment, "You don't even go here." Sean walks out of the gym, and Manny calls in the next boy trying out. Jimmy rolls into the gym at full speed, doing a series of circles with his wheelchair. He speaks into a microphone while auditioning, and makes the point that even though he is sitting, he can still move his hands. Giving up, he rolls out, and Manny calls in the next boy.

Peter jumps into the gym, wearing a Spirit Squad girl's uniform complete with pom-poms. He starts his routine, but Manny cuts him off with a "Next!", causing him to throw his pom-poms on the ground and angrily storm out. Derek slides into the gym, and sings and dances to the show's theme song, "Whatever It Takes". In disbelief and disgust, Manny storms out with Darcy following her. Derek dejectedly walks out of the gym, and the lights turn off in the gym. A spotlights shines on the floor, and Toby emerges from the dark and dances.


  • Toby performed the same dance in another Degrassi Mini, Toby Dynamite.


  • Manny: "This whole boys on the spirit squad thing, is cukoo bananas!"
  • Peter: "All set, you bet!"
    Manny: "Next!"
    Peter: "Crap, crap, crap!"
  • Manny: "Fine, but they better bring it."
    Derek: "It's already been broughten."
  • Jimmy: "Bird thing. Brr! You know what it is."
  • Sean: "Wasaga boys have spirit! Come on let me hear it! Rah-Rah-Rah whoo!"
    Manny: "You don't even go here."



Degrassi Mini 212 - Bring It On02:38

Degrassi Mini 212 - Bring It On

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