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Bruce-Lucas Friendship
General Information
Intimacy Level Friends
Friendship Started Sometime Before Season 7
Friendship Status Friends
The friendship between Bruce the Moose and Lucas Valieri started sometime before season 7 as the two were students at Lakehurst Secondary School.

Friendship History


After attending Lakehurt together, they transferred to Degrassi along with all the other students at Lakehurst when the school was burned down. Both of them are a member of Johnny's-gang two are usually seen causing trouble and bullying other students with the aid of their best friend Johnny DiMarco. They remain good friends until the end of season 7 when Lucas drops out.

Season 7

In Death or Glory (1), the two along with Johnny pick on Toby Isaacs during lunch. Spinner gets in the middle of it by grabbing the bowl they were using to mess with Toby. 

In Everything She Wants, Bruce attends Lucas's party.



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