Building A Mystery (2) is the twenty-second episode and second part of the mid-season premiere for Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on October 19, 2012.

Main Plot

Becky doesn't want to keep Adam a secret, so she decides to tell her parents that he's transgender. She prepares for the awkward conversation with Adam and Jenna posing as her parents, before she can actually talk to them. They seem understanding. The next day, Adam comes over and Becky's father hands him a pamphlet to "fix" him. He tries to persuade Adam, believing him to be confused, and wanting the best for his daughter. Adam leaves, offended, and Becky scolds her father.

At an auction in which WhisperHug is performing, Becky's parents show up, and Becky decides to face them on her own. During the conversation, they remind her of her Christianity and she seems a bit stammered but still firm to her decision. While angry, however, she stumbles upon Adam's tampons, and freezes, with the line "Boys don't get their periods."

The next day, she confronts Adam and informs him of her recent decision; She will be taking her parents offer, believing herself to be confused, and ends her relationship with Adam. As Adam slams his locker in sadness and anger, Becky cries while walking off, apparently regretting her decision.

Sub Plot

After finishing his film project, Eli shows it off during class. As the class was watching it, confused, Eli sat there cringing, because what he thought was a great short film is actually a useless and meaningless jumble of screams and effects that do not live up to his usual work. After worrying about his future as a director, he decides to remake his project. This time with his most influencing muse, Clare . He hands in the video and through it learns about his worries about going to college and leaving Clare behind. Eli finds that film making is more about sending a message than showing off and making an impression.

Third Plot

Bianca and Drew win the 7 tickets to Vegas so that they can bring 5 friends and get married at spring break, they kiss at the fundraiser.

  • This episode is named after the song "Building A Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan.
  • This episode marks the end of Adam and Becky's first relationship.

  • "Tidal Wave" by The Wrecking
  • "Thinkin" by Dylan Guthro
  • "Up In Our Cloud" by Whisperhug
  • "Anything At All" by Whisperhug
  • "Good Reasons" by Caracol
  • "Be Someone" by Whisperhug
  • "Go First" by Rose Cousins