The conflict between Luke Baker and Campbell Saunders started in season 12 of Degrassi. It is one of the many conflicts that Luke was involved with during his time at Degrassi.

Conflict History

Season 12

In Say It Ain't So (1)Maya invites Cam to sit with her and her friends during lunch, Cam looks like he's about to accept the offer when Mike Dallas drags him to the hockey team's table where Luke is sitting with the rest of the team and laughs at him for even thinking about sitting with girls. Dallas invites Cam to hang out after school with the hockey team but Cam says that he has to Skype with his girlfriend from back home, Jamie. Although Dallas is okay with Cam not joining them, Luke makes a comment saying that Jamie is a guy's name.

In Rusty Cage (1), Luke is at the game where Campbell tries to score the winning shot but fails and lets the other team win. In the locker room with his team, he talks about how Cam is probably hiding from everyone for letting them down. When Cam walks in and throws up, he is one to tell him to stay out of practice. The next day, Luke approaches Cam with Dallas and reveals that they know that he wasn't sick. They take him to the rink and he heckles Cam as he makes up for skipping practice.

In Ray of Light (1), Luke comes up to Jenna while she is handing out anti-bullying pins. She asks Luke how he's doing after Cam's suicide and he says that he's been praying a lot.


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