"Eli, I'm pregnant."
Clare Edwards

Can't Stop This Thing We Started is the fourth episode of Season 14. It aired on November 18, 2014.

Main Plot

Eli returns to town, having finished his exams. After having made plans with Eli, she had to cancel due to Audra and Drew Torres coming over to discuss her pregnancy. Clare became overwhelmed from the two adults planning her life and left, heading to meet Alli. Drew follows. They argue in the Dot and after being told to get some water, she chats with a new mom.

Eli walks in as she's holding the baby and she tells him about her pregnancy. They step outside and she spills that it's Drew's baby and he storms off.

Sub Plot

Winston is making some headway with Frankie but is insecure about his friendship with Miles. Winston and Zoë wind up being lab science partners. 

Third Plot 

A normally confident Zig feels emasculated when he loses an arm wrestle to Grace. After it gets around, he begins to want to be a better man. Grace talks him into getting a home-tattoo, but as Grace is about to mark his skin, he stops her. Grace congratulates him on passing the test - standing up to peer pressure proved that he wasn't a pushover.

  • This episode is named after the song, Can't Stop This Thing We Started, by Bryan Adams.
  • Most college exams take place in early May, so it must be May.
  • Clare is 9 weeks pregnant.
  • Clare tells Eli about her pregnancy.
  • Jake is mentioned in this episode.

  • Eli: "You had sex with Drew?!"
  • Eli: "Everything has changed."
  • Clare: "Eli, I'm pregnant."
  • Miles: "Don't play dumb chewy."

  • "Daylight" by El Cento - Heard when Clare and Drew argue their son's future to Alli and Dallas at The Dot.
  • "Power Is On" by Patrick Barksdale and Chris Lang - Heard when Grace tries to give Zig a tattoo.
  • "Brand New" by Shannon McArthur - Heard when Clare is offered to hold a lady's baby.