Can't Tell Me Nothing (2) is the thirty-fifth episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on March 9, 2012.

Main Plot

Maya eventually catches Katie going for their mom’s pills, but promises not to rat Katie out. Katie reveals to Drew that she’s taking codeine and he only warns her to be careful. After realizing Marisol can’t handle Degrassi Coffee House, Katie decides to take over. She takes some codeine and after the drugs kick in she tricks to help Jake set up the stage, but she gets herself stuck in the air on a scissor lift. She’s feeling overwhelmed and gets more frustrated when she googles information about soccer knee injuries. She decides to go to her tryout anyway and before she can do anything she falls to the ground in pain after hearing something snap in her knee. She doesn’t make the National team and learns she’ll need surgery to fix her knee. She’s disappointed, and we’re left watching Katie stare at her mom who is filling up her pill container.

Sub Plot

K.C. overhears Jenna talking to Jake about her song, which is about her and K.C.’s breakup. In class K.C. reads a scathing poem that indirectly blasts Jenna. Jenna wants to retaliate, but decides to play her original song while K.C. is in the audience listening. Afterward, K.C. tells Jenna that he realizes Jenna’s trying to get over what happened in her own way. The two walk away from each other on amicable terms.

Third Plot

Zig doesn’t really like the idea of singing Tristan and Tori’s song at the Degrassi Coffee House because it’s a duet and there’s no part for him, so Tristan writes him a part. However, Zig reveals that he’s written a rap, and with Tori liking the rap and thinking Tristan’s song is campy, Tristan storms off. After another talk with his brother Owen, Tristan decides to do his song whether or not he has Tori and Zig’s support. As he’s singing the crowd makes fun of him, so Tori joins Tristan to make it a duet. They’re able to coax Zig into doing his rap, and their performance gets a standing ovation.

  • "Gonna Getchya" by Sherry St. Germain - Heard when Katie tries to use the scissor lift.
  • "Fire" by Tin Star Orphans - Heard when Katie researches knee injuries on the internet.