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Carleton University is a post-secondary institution located in Ottawa, Ontario.  It was focused on in the tv movie School's Out!.

School's Out!

Prior to graduating in 1992, both Caitlin Ryan and Lucy Fernandez accepted their offers of admission to Carleton. Having developed a strong friendship after Caitlin skipped a grade, the two decided to become roommates to ease their transition between high school and university.  Both of whom were excited to attend, but when Lucy was blinded in a car accident, she was forced to defer.



  • It is one of two Canadian universities that were mentioned by their actual name within the Degrassi Franchise. The other is Wilfred Laurier University. The University of Toronto is featured periodically in Degrassi: The Next Generation, but goes by a pseudonym: Toronto University (albeit, not that different).
  • Caitlin is the only confirmed alumnus of this school.  It is unclear whether or not Lucy decided to apply elsewhere after the accident.

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