Carlos Valieri is the father of Jane Vaughn and Lucas Valieri. He is also the grandfather of Isabella Jones.

Character History

Season 7

In Everything She Wants, Lucas was originally supposed to go to the baseball game with his father, but he had to cancel because his mother wanted him to eat dinner with the family and her date, Greg. Lucas tells Mia that now he won't see his father for a month, and considers him the only person he can talk to, besides Mia.

Season 8

In Jane Says (1), he returns after having been estranged for a quite a while. Everyone is excited to see him, except Jane. While his visit proceeds, Jane realizes that he molested her as a young girl.

n Jane Says (2), Jane sees him with Isabella, Lucas and Mia's daughter, and shouts at him, fearing for her safety. He leaves the household and the rest of the family undergo therapy.