Cash is a minor character that took Clare Edwards into his house with girlfriend Summer, when Clare was needing a place to stay. He was later arrested along with Summer for illegally growing marijuana in his house. He was portrayed by J. Adam Brown.

Character History

Season 11

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Cash is seen going to the front door while Summer is talking to Clare, who’s asking Summer if she could stay in their house. The next morning Cash is seen serving food to everyone, and tells Clare to sit and eat with them. When Clare pulls out her phone, he asks her if it’s important. Summer tells Clare about the no-phone policy at their house, and Cash tells her that it’s a tie to her old life. Clare goes to drop her phone in the fish tank, and everyone congratulates Clare.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (2), he is at the dinner table, and tells Clare that it is Summer's thing to put people on the spot when sharing their stories. He announces to Summer and the rest of the housemates that they have work to do, referring to tending the illegal marijuana growing in their house. He tells Clare that they are not drug dealers, but herbalists. When Jake Martin shows up the house looking for Clare, Cash starts a fight with him, as he thinks that Jake has told the cops about the marijuana. He is arrested along with Summer by the police.