Cat was an intern for Miles Hollingsworth II during the summer of 2014. She was portrayed by Sasha Clements.

Character History

Season 14

In Don't Look Back, she talks down to Frankie when Frankie tries to explain why she was late on their first day, and criticizes Frankie's idea to start a charity. Wanting to fit in, Frankie goes to Cat's birthday party at a club and gets drunk. The next day, Cat gives Frankie advice on how to focus while hungover. Miles II is furious when he finds out the interns got Frankie drunk, so he sentences them to paint over vandalism.

Later, Cat compliments Frankie on her project idea and invites Frankie out to sushi with the group, though Frankie declines because of her date night. Cat comments that Frankie and Logan seem to be getting along well, and says that guys and girls can't be friends if there are feelings for each other.