Cece Goldsworthy is the mother of Eli Goldsworthy and the wife of Bullfrog Goldsworthy. She is portrayed by Jennifer Robertson.

Character History

Season 10

In Umbrella (1), she is seen at Little Miss Steaks with her son, Eli, and her husband, Bullfrog.

In Umbrella (2), she is seen talking with Eli inside of Morty, discussing his problems with Clare, Julia, and his hoarding dilemma.

Season 11

In Extraordinary Machine (2), Cece is seen in the audience watching Eli's play, Love Roulette. She looks concerned when Eli goes off on his rant. She is also there after the play when Ms. Dawes praises Eli and when Mr. Simpson tells her and Bullfrog about the pill incident that had happened earlier that day.