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Chantay-Mia Friendship
General Information
Nickname Mantay, Chantia, Blones
Intimacy Level Friends, Former Rivals
Friendship Started Season 8
Friendship Status Friends

The friendship between Mia Jones and Chantay Black possibly formed sometime during season 7.

Friendship History


Chantay and Mia began as rivals when when Mia first came to Degrassi in season 6. Along with Darcy, Chantay shunned Mia, and forbade her from joining the Spirit Squad due to her having a child. However, overtime Chantay and Mia managed to sort out their differences, and became good friends.

Season 6

In Can't Hardly Wait, Chantay shuns Mia due to her being a teenage mother, when she shows up at the Degrassi vs. Lakehurst basketball game.

Season 7

In the seventh season, they were both on the Spirit Squad together, but did not have much interaction at all. 

Season 8

In Uptown Girl (1), Chantay is impressed with Mia's new look and modelling job.

In Uptown Girl (2), Chantay and her friends meet up with Mia at and congratulate her at getting the modeling job and Chantay asks if Mia wants a spot on the Power Squad at which Mia agrees to.

Chantay-Mia 1
In Money for Nothing, Chantay hates how Holly J. revealed about what happened to Mia on TV, and Chantay votes Holly J. off the squad and makes Mia the new captain.

In Up Where We Belong, Chantays tells Mia that instead of doing her public speech, she should do a runway walk instead with the wind in her hair. When Mia returns to school, Chantay tells her that her welcome back is already on the Anti-Grapevine website.

Season 9

In Just Can't Get Enough, Chantay is seen interviewing Mia along with Peter.



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