Chris Pellow
Full Name Christopher Pellow
Nickname(s) Chris
Gender Male
Date of Birth c. 1996
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Relationships Becky Baker (One date)
Job Student Council President
First Episode If You Could Only See (1403)
Last Episode If You Could Only See (1403)
Reason Becky wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with Him
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Rudy Novak

Christopher Pellow is a minor character who Becky Baker found for an online date.

Character History

Season 14

He appears in If You Could Only See at a skating rink with Becky, Imogen, and Jack. He talks to Becky about himself. Meanwhile, he is seen cheering, and Becky, Imogen, and Jack are saying how although he's hot, he's a little bit annoying.


  • He is the student council president at his high school.
  • He was the second character introduced online to not be a sexual predator. The first was Eden.
  • He runs the drama club.
  • He is a Christian.