Christian Campbell is an actor who portrayed Todd on Degrassi High. When he was 5, his parents divorced and his father got custody of him and his younger sister Neve. At 12, Christian made his theatrical debut in A thousand clowns and to this day the stage still remains his first love. Another big change came when he was 13 and went to live with his mom.

Being a child actor didn't make Christian think that he shouldn't train for his trade; he studied for 2 years at Claude Watson School For The Arts in Toronto and Ryerson University in Toronto too for 3 years in their Drama Program.

In more recent years, Christian has become a theater director and co-founder of the Blue Sphere Theater Company LA (a company that existed from 1994 to 1998). He was married for 2 years to Erin Matthews, but the marriage didn't work out. Theater is Christian's first love and he is very active in it having been seen recently in Great Expectations (2006), but he can also be appreciated in movies (One night, IBID) and television (CSI: NY for example).