Christie had a brief fling with Dallas.

Character History

Season 13


Christie is paid to lie to Dallas about being pregnant in order to stop him from getting in trouble.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Drew catches Christie and Dallas making out when he tries to get Dallas to come back to school for their project. She watches them as they argue and then Dallas suggests that they should go somewhere more private. He then calls her Caroline and she corrects him that her name is Christie and angrily leaves. Drew becomes concerned about Dallas and pays Christie $60 to tell Dallas she's pregnant. When Dallas flirts with her at her locker, she lies and says that she's pregnant with his baby. He reminds her that they've never had sex. She argues that they've done "other things", but Dallas says that doesn't matter. The plan fails and she walks away and tells Drew that the money he gave her was the best $60 she's ever gotten.


  • Christie and Dallas may have done other sexual acts.