The friendship between Clare Edwards and Jack Jones also known as Clack (Clare/Jack) formed in the summer block of the 13th Season of Degrassi.

Friendship History

Season 13

In You Are Not Alone, Jack is shown leading the Degrassi Girls Triathlon Club. During the cycling class, she talks to Clare, and advises her to take it slow. She guesses that Clare just broke up with a guy and is there to get fit, though Clare responds she actually broke up with two guys and her friend seems to have no interest in spending time with her. Jack invites Clare to hang out with her later, which Clare decides to do. Jack takes Clare down in the forest where her and her friends throw axes at targets for fun. She gives Clare a beer after she throws her axe, and the two appear to become friends. When Clare talks to Alli Bhandari, she gets the wrong idea that Jack and her friends may be hanging out with her because they think she is a lesbian. Later, the Triathlon club goes running, and while they are stretching, Clare reveals to Jack that she is straight, to which Jack says she already knew. They remain friends, and Clare is grateful to have some support.

In Enjoy the Silence, Imogen, Clare, and Jack are all working on a room for the art exhibit. Clare confesses she is angry with Drew for dumping her, and Jack suggests getting revenge on him. Later, Clare, Jack, and Alli go axe-throwing together.


  • They are both in the Degrassi Girls Triathlon Club.
  • Jack introduced Clare to axe throwing for fun, which Clare seemed to enjoy.
  • Having a beer with Jack was only the second time we have seen Clare drink on screen. The first was in season 12 with Dallas.
  • Clare assumed Jack had a crush on her.