The conflict between Luke Baker and Clare Edwards began in season 12. It is one of the many conflicts Luke was involved with at Degrassi.

Conflict History

Season 12

In Sabotage (1), while Clare is hiding in an empty class room at school, she attempts to speak with one of Asher's previous interns, Jennifer, on the phone, looking for proof that Asher was sexually harassing her and to see if he has done it to anybody else. While talking to Jennifer, a handful of the Ice Hounds come into the room bringing beer with them. Dallas asks Clare if she can leave but Clare replies that she got to the room first. Luke pulls out a can of beer and asks Clare if she wants one but Dallas tells him to let her be. Clare then leaves. 

In Sabotage (2), after the Ice Hounds get three weeks of detention for bringing beer to school, Dallas, Luke and the rest of the team decide to crash Clare's surprise birthday party at Fiona's loft as revenge. Clare's friends and the Ice Hounds later get into a violent fight with each other. The fight is later stopped and Fiona kicks the Ice Hounds out of her loft.

Season 13

In Believe (1), Becky is concerned about the media claiming Luke to be a rapist when Zoë's trial approaches, to which Clare replies coldly that Luke did in fact assault Zoë. They continue to have this debate in the middle of class, with Clare showing her resentment towards Luke.


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