Degrassi High School's Class of 1993 consisted of the following students below. They are a part of the original core cast, but their graduation was not featured on-screen. However, they graduated approximately one year after School's Out!.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters 

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  • They are (so far) the only class whose graduation wasn't featured.
  • Arthur Kobalewsky was the first character of the Class of 1993 to be seen.
  • Because of the Degrassi Junior High/High retcon, this class is actually the Class of 1994.
  • They graduated when the Class of 2011 was born.
  • Our Lips Are Sealed (1) marks the final appearance of a Class of 1993 graduate, namely Joey, in the Degrassi Franchise.


Degrassi Junior High: Season 1

  • Caitlin, Susie, Arthur, Yick, Alex, Kathleen, Melanie and Rick are all introduced
  • Kathleen and Melanie think they are experimenting with drugs but they actually taking vitamins 
  • Rick is abused by his father 
  • Caitlin questions her sexuality 
  • Rick and Caitlin have a relationship 

Degrassi Junior High: Season 2

  • Maya is introduced 
  • Caitlin is diagnosed with epilepsy 
  • Kathleen's mother is an alcoholic 
  • Susie is sexually harassed by a teacher

Degrassi Junior High: Season 3 

  • Diana is introduced 
  • Joey is held back and joins this grade  
  • Kathleen develops an eating disorder  
  • Caitlin and Joey have a relationship 

Degrassi High: Season 1 

  • Tessa skips a grade and joins this class
  • Arthur crushes on Caitlin 
  • Kathleen has a relationship with an older boy who physically abuses her  
  • Diana starts drinking and smoking in attempt to rebel from her strict family  
  • Caitlin has a relationship with older boy Claude  
  • Caitlin is arrested for criminal damage  
  • Joey is diagnosed with Disgraphia 

Degrassi High: Season 2

  • Alex and Tessa have a relationship 
  • Kathleen, Melanie, Diana and Maya smoke marijuana together  
  • Tessa cheats on Alex with Yick  

School's Out!

  • Joey and Caitlin get engaged. 
  • Joey and Tessa have an affair.  
  • Tessa becomes pregnant and has an abortion. 


  • Yick Yu
  • Caitlin Ryan
  • Susie Rivera with her friend Caitlin.
  • Kathleen Mead
  • Melanie Brodie
  • Alex Yankou
  • Arthur Kobalewsky
  • Diana Economopoulos
  • Maya Goldberg
  • Joey Jeremiah
  • Rick Munro