The graduation for Degrassi Community School's Class of 2008 took place during the Season 9 finale, Degrassi Takes Manhattan.


The graduating class of 2008 consisted of Peter Stone, Danny Van Zandt, Johnny DiMarco, and Jane Vaughn.


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The following couples were in a relationship at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following formed a friendship at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following characters developed feelings for one or the other at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following developed these conflicts at some point during their time at Degrassi:


The following list contains significant events that happened at Degrassi while the class of 2008 was attending:

Season 4

  • Danny begins Grade 9 at Degrassi. He likely attended grades 7 and 8 at Degrassi, though off-screen.
  • Rick Murray brings a gun to school and shoots Jimmy Brooks.
  • A gonorrhea outbreak happens.

Season 5

  • Peter enrolls at Degrassi.
  • Derek enrolls at Degrassi.
  • Peter films Manny topless.
  • Peter has a relationship with Emma.
  • Darcy has a relationship with Spinner.

Season 6

  • Darcy takes racy pictures online, catching the eye of Adams, an internet predator.
  • Johnny is introduced.
  • Degrassi student J.T. Yorke is stabbed by Lakehurst student Drake Lempkey, a friend of Johnny.
  • The relationship between Darcy and Peter begins.

Season 7

  • Jane is introduced.
  • Darcy is roofie raped at a ski lodge.
  • Derek and Danny almost end their friendship over Rachel.
  • Darcy and Jane begin a friendship.
  • Jane has a relationship with Spinner. 
  • Darcy attempts suicide. 

Season 8

  • Darcy leaves for Kenya.
  • The relationship between Darcy and Peter ends.
  • Jane is harassed by Derek and Bruce over her decision to join the football team.
  • Derek and Danny end their friendship.
  • Jane realizes that her father sexually molested her as a child.
  • Peter has a relationship with Mia.

Season 9

  • Peter deals with the side effects of trying crystal meth.
  • Jane begins an affair with Declan Coyne.
  • Johnny sends naked pictures of his girlfriend to Bruce.
  • The class of 2008 graduates.
  • Jane attends Stanford University in California.


  • The first person introduced in this class was Kendra Mason.
  • The first main character from this class was Peter Stone.
  • The last person introduced was Jane Vaughn, who was the only female main character who graduated from the class. 
  • This is the only former class not have any of its members reach the 100 episode mark.
  • Only four characters of this class were shown graduating, the smallest number of all classes shown graduating.
  • This was of two classes not to have someone being held back a grade. The other was the Class of 2014.
  • This was the only class not to have someone who was held back a grade. 
  • Johnny DiMarco was the only Class of 2008 graduate who was not a member of Janie and the Studs.
  • Peter and Johnny both attended Toronto University after graduation.
  • When Chantay Black was originally introduced in Season 4, she was presumably a part of this class. However, she was retconned to be in the Class of 2011.