Cliff Jacobs appeared in The Time of My Life and was Clare's prom date. He is portrayed by Aidan Greene.

Character History

Season 12


Cliff at prom with Clare.

In The Time of My Life, Clare meets Cliff while out shopping with Alli and Jenna, and asks him to be her prom date. Despite just meeting her, he agrees. When he goes to pick up Clare from her house, he meets Eli Goldsworthy, who was trying to win Clare over by a big, romantic gesture, which was unsuccessful. Clare takes Cliff to prom and confesses her dreams she had with Eli to him, such as living together in New York. Cliff calls his gestures romantic, and Cliff seems to have developed a liking toward Eli. Clare realizes that Cliff is gay, and Cliff urges her to go make up with Eli, which Clare does.


  • He was in the same history class as Clare in their junior year.
  • Cliff is gay, as shown when he says that he finds Eli attractive.