Colton is a camper at the Degrassi Panther Summer Camp. He is an Iguana with Madison and counselors Adam Torres and Imogen Moreno. He is portrayed by Richie Lawrence.

Character History

Season 13

In Summertime, he is put in the Iguana group, and seems eager to be at camp. During the activity, he says that he likes cars.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Madison does not want to be partners with him for the race, but Clare convinces them to group up with her. When Clare is unable to complete the race because she has overexerted herself and made herself sick, Colton and Madison are disappointed that they lost. They give Clare her participation trophy, and ask her if she is sick. Colton coughs in her face, and Clare yells at him, before Drew quickly ushers the kids away.

13x05 19

Colton hugging Adam from behind.

In About A Girl, Colton tells Adam that their group needs help while Adam is on his phone looking at pictures of Becky and Todd. Adam tells Colton that the girl is his girlfriend. Colton tells Adam that Madison is his girlfriend and he doesn't want Madison to find a 'Todd'. Colton ventures off when Adam isn't paying attention, and Adam gets worried and is unsure of where he went. Adam starts to search for Colton and finds Colton with Dallas in the hallway. Colton explains that he wanted to find Madison and make sure she didn't have a Todd.
In Cannonball, Colton asks to use the roses that Becky returned to Adam for his wedding. Colton says he is going to marry Madison during the camp trip and asks Adam if he would be his best man.

In Honey, he gives Drew cards that he and Madison made for Adam. He notices that Drew looks really sad. Then, Imogen comes to tell Colton that his father is there to pick him up. He then asks Drew to make sure he gives Adam a fist bump for him.


  • "My name is Colton and I'm an iguana." (Makes an iguana sound) (First Line) - Summertime
  • (To Adam): "I went to check that my girlfriend didn't find a Todd. I bumped my head." - About A Girl


  • He has appeared in 6 episodes.