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ConniemakesacatchConnie Makes A Catch
The Kids of Degrassi Street, Episode 21
First Aired December 1, 1985
Production Code 701
Writer(s) Yan Moore
Director(s) Linda Schuyler
Kit Hood
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Connie Makes A Catch is the twenty-first episode of The Kids of Degrassi Street. It originally aired on December 1, 1985.


Connie has her eye on Candy, the popular captain of the baseball team, but he does not even know she exists. She would do anything to catch his eye, and everyone has advice to offer, but being a "lady" is tough for a tomboy like Connie who would rather be playing baseball. Her attempts to get Candy's attention, such as coming to school in a dress and stealing his hat, ultimately backfire. This makes Candy think that Connie is strange. He doesn't really notice her until she played baseball with him on an opposing team and cought the winning ball, which resulted in him talking to her the next day.


Griff asks Lisa out on a movie date. She really wanted to go, but her parents objected to the idea because they felt she was too young to be going out with boys. Lisa really liked Griff and decided to go to the movies with him despite not having permission from her parents. However, her parents coincidentally made plans to go see the same movie, which resulted in Lisa going in disguise. To hide from her parents, she tried not to be noticed by others at the theater, which ended up with Griff feeling hurt, because he got the impression that she was embarrassed by him.