Dale Whibley is a Canadian actor who played Neil Martin in Degrassi season 13. He also played a role in a mini series Canadian Made and Life with Boys.


  • Dale's first acting job was a Care Bears commercial.
  • He's acting in the TV show "Excuses Inc." with fellow cast members Melinda Shankar and Marvin Ishmael. A sneek peek can be found here.
  • He has a recurring role as Yuud Nuuderuud on the Nickelodeon show Max & Shred.
  • He is starring in the Nickelodeon show Make It Pop as Caleb Davis.
  • He had guest role as Young Jace on Shadowhunters.


  • Dale Whibley as Marv in "Excuses Inc."
  • The cast of "Excuses Inc."