The friendship between Mike Dallas and Becky Baker developed over the course of seasons 12 and 13, and began when Dallas joined the same hockey team as Becky's brother Luke Baker.

Friendship History

Season 12

In Scream (1), they both tried to sabotage Eli's play, Romeo and Jules.

Season 13

In Young Forever, Dallas is seen at Adam's funeral with Eli, Becky, and Bianca. When Becky makes a comment which upsets Bianca, Dallas consoles Becky when she expresses remorse for it. He then asks Becky if she has a ride to the reception and decides to offer her one. Becky, being in an emotional state, is comforted by Dallas and he advises her not to say anything that could offend anyone. Later, Dallas and many other students appear at Becky's bonfire in honor of Adam. 

In You Got Me, Dallas asks Becky if she was ever a Miami club DJ and she tells him that she was known as "DJ Shake n' Bakes." She tells him that she's kidding and that music's the "devil's noise." Dallas is surprised that she said that and Becky walks away saying that no one gets her jokes.

In Unbelievable, Becky tries to interview Dallas about teenage drinking for Degrassi TV, but he lies, calling "his body a temple", after Drew and Clare reveal that everyone would see it.

Season 14

In Finally (2), Dallas breaks up Imogen and Becky's hug, and assumes they have finally got together. He asks for their help with graduation.